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AFR100 - current tree planting project

"Tree by Tree" - that is our promise as well as the way we make a difference with NIKIN. Together with One Tree Planted and our community, we are committed to various tree planting projects. In December we support the AFR100 project in Burundi.

Africa has has the world's second largest tropical forest, the Congo Basin rainforest, and is home to and is home to 17 percent of the planet's forest cover. Unfortunately, Africa is characterized by a four times as much deforestation as the rest of the world deforestation is four times higherwhich not only threatens the livelihoods of local local communities at riskbut also has an impact on the planet as a whole.impact.

Image: The project supports communities in Burundi.

Restore 100 million hectares

The African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR) aims to restore 100 million hectares (AFR100) of deforested land in Africa by 2030 .However, it is not just about reforestation. The project will also create jobs to reduce poverty in local communities. For example, fruit treesare planted, which helps feed impoverished families.

Image: Together, tree by tree.

Trees for Burundi

It also aims to join forces to improve resilience to climate change and mitigate climate change. Planting trees contributes namely contribute to mitigating the effects of, for example increasingly severen stormsen to minimize the impact of storms. In the month of December, NIKIN is funding one tree per product sold as part of AFR100. Our trees will move into their new habitat in the Burundi area.

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