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Australia is burning – and this time everything is different

Posted on January 24 2020

The weather situation has changed and the topic "bush fires in Australia" has already flattened out in the media – but it is far from over, because we will soon face the consequences. What are the reasons?

Waldbrände in Australien

Terra Australis: The country "down under" is actually used to fire and extreme weather conditions, because Australia is by far the hottest continent. The proximity to Antarctica brings cold winds to the south coast, while the interior of the country is a glowing desert. This is why Australians are used to bush fires. Every year, fires destroy extensive forest areas. The continent even has plant species whose seed capsules first have to be crumbled in the fire in order to burst open at all. But never before has it been as bad as this summer, which corresponds to the European winter.

Climate change is raising the temperature

For some years now, summers in Australia have been getting even drier, even hotter than before. Nature is so arid that a tiny spark is enough. And the increasing number of fires is overwhelming the many helpers, many of whom – including the fire fighters – voluntarily fight against the flames and for the endangered wildlife. In the past, the fire fighters were regularly deployed, but could also catch their breath in between. That's over now. For weeks, the fire has been burning, especially on the south-east coast, and an area the size of Belgium has already been destroyed. The fire has spread along the densely populated coast, destroying houses and villages and claiming lives.

Extreme wildfire – and a billion lives lost

This time it's extreme. Dozens of fatalities have already been claimed by the out-of-control walls of flame – among the people. Australia's wildlife has a higher blood toll: it is estimated that the firestorm has claimed the lives of over a billion animals. Many of them belong to species that have been hunted mercilessly for decades to create more grazing land for sheep or cattle and are therefore living near extinction. One billion animals burned alive in an inferno that could repeat itself at any time.

After a prolonged heat wave, during which temperatures of 50°C or more were measured, the thermometer has now dropped a little. Rain showers help to contain the fires. But the destroyed land can no longer hold the water, storm surges and floods now continue the devastation.

What are the causes of the fire disaster?

The causes? A non-existent climate policy. In Australia, the coal industry is dominating the debate, and the large-scale livestock breeders do not want to be restricted either. The population is repeatedly told that climate change is a lie. This is what the media report, and the less political "Aussies" believe it in many cases. But now the situation can no longer be ignored. Summers in Australia are now around 1.5°C hotter than in previous years, and this is just the beginning. Neither the people on the streets nor the government can ignore the fact that Australia is the first country in the world to be hit by the hammer of climate change without precedent. Will the images of destroyed forests and burnt animals cause a rethink? One can only hope so. Big industry is resisting more sustainability at the expense of young people who are willing to take on the environmental destroyers!

We at NIKIN are taking part – and you can too!

We at NIKIN are primarily concerned with sustainable materials in the fashion industry and fight against global deforestation through strategic partnerships and information. The forest is extremely important for the climate and consequently for life on earth. In recent years, forest fires, which are taking on enormous proportions, have affected our climate. Recently in California, in the Amazon and especially currently in Australia, gigantic fires are raging with devastating consequences. Thousands of hectares of forest have been destroyed, over a billion animals have been burnt, some of which are threatened by extinction. What is the current situation? NIKIN has decided to actively help to reforest the lost forest area – by investing all trees planted by our customers in January (1 product = 1 tree) in tree planting projects in Australia. However, nature must first recover from the fires before trees can be planted again – but as soon as the time comes, we will report on the ongoing projects. We want to motivate our community to help actively: via OneTreePlanted and other fundraising activities such as the ongoing campaign of WWF and many other organisations! Our earth thanks you!


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