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Bye bye Black Friday – hello GREEN Friday!

Gepostet am 26 November 2019

It's once again this Friday at the end of November, when people flock to overcrowded shops in masses or let their credit cards run hot in online shopping and throw their money around – for things they don't really need. "But today everything is cheaper than usual. – It's Black Friday again! 

The phenomenon, which promotes unrestrained shopping addiction, is of course from the USA and serves as the economic driving force behind the Christmas business, which is generating more and more sales every year. Excessive and almost pathological consumption has considerable consequences for nature and the environment and ultimately also for us humans. And that's why we're clearly speaking out against Black Friday and making it GREEN FRIDAY instead! 

From 1 tree to 2 trees

Anyone looking for cheap bargains from NIKIN on Green Friday will look in vain. On the occasion of the Green Friday weekend from Friday, 29.11. to Sunday, 1.12. we are planting 2 trees for each of our products instead of just 1 tree! The earth will thus become greener by twice the number of trees and will thus perhaps compensate a part of the emissions caused on Black Friday. By the way, there are no additional costs for you.



We appeal to our community not to be dazzled by the flood of bargains and instead to think carefully about what you really need and what you don't. Often less is more and if the quality is appropriate it will also work longer.

With us you profit because nature benefits.

330'000 trees have already been planted – many more to come

You probably already know who we are working with to have the trees planted effectively. But if not, we will explain it to you briefly.

The principle is basically very simple: For every product sold from our range, we invest a part of the income in tree planting projects. For this we work together with OneTreePlanted, a renowned non-profit organization from the USA. For every product sold, we pass $1 on to our partner - one tree will be planted per dollar. OneTreePlanted then regularly organizes tree planting projects in various places around the world where trees have disappeared for various reasons before. You will receive a personal tree-certificate from us that assures you that a tree will be planted in your name.

You can also find more information about tree planting under Tree Planting.

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