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Your loved ones thank you once – nature forever

Posted on December 01 2020

With NIKIN everyone can gift a tree. But a tree is more than just a tree. A tree can make a sustainable difference in many different ways. It can do something good for the environment, it can support people or help animals. You can decide for yourself what kind of impact you want your tree to have. There are three projects to choose from, which we would like to present to you here.


With NIKIN you give something useful as a present. You not only make the recipient happy, but also the environment, people or animals. Your loved ones thank you once – nature forever. Until Christmas you decide where your tree will be planted. There are three projects to choose from. All projects are realised by our planting partner One Tree Planted.

Trees for the people in the Andes


Baum pflanzen in den Anden


Not only your loved ones are happy – but also the peoples of the Andes. (Source: Matt Hill, One Tree Planted)

This project supports the local population in the Andes. The Andes are a mountain range in South America and have been home to many people for thousands of years. As more and more people are living in the Andes and more and more agriculture is practised, unfortunately large areas of forest have been cut down.This is particularly critical for the local population: they depend on forest – it provides them with food, clean water and jobs.
One Tree Planted has therefore started a major reforestation project. In this project 90'000 trees are to be planted. The aim is to support the local population through reforestation.

Trees for the wilderness in Iceland


Dragon's Nest Forest

Not only your loved ones are happy – but also the Icelandic wilderness. (Source: Matt Hill, One Tree Planted)

In Iceland, One Tree Planted is planting 350,000 trees – a wide variety of tree species – to increase biodiversity. The area to be afforested is located near Ormsstaðir, which translates as dragon's nest. This is in the south-east of Iceland. The land that is being afforested has been unused since 2005. One Tree Planted has set itself the goal of increasing biodiversity with this project. Especially fungi, other soil organisms, arthropods, birds and mammals benefit from this project. In addition, sufficient open areas will be left so that plants that need a lot of sunlight can also grow. The planted trees will support the Icelandic wilderness and increase biodiversity.

Trees for the animals in Uganda


Schimpanse in Uganda

Not only your loved ones are happy – but also the endangered wild animals of Uganda. (Source: Julie Ricard)

One Tree Planted plants a total of three million trees in Uganda. In the west of the country, the two protected forests of Budongo and Bugoma will be connected by a forest corridor. This area was selected by the national forest authority and therefore enjoys government protection. The corridor will be created in the so-called Albertine Rift, which was severely affected by deforestation. The Albertine Rift is one of the 200 most important ecosystems in the world. More than 50% of all birds, 39% of all mammals, 19% of all amphibians and 14% of all reptiles of the mainland of Africa live in this area. The area is also known for its large population of chimpanzees, which is about 10'000 animals. By connecting the two existing forests, the habitat of these partly endangered species will be increased and their extinction prevented.


Our co-founder and CEO Nicholas Hänny explains the information about all three projects in the video:

Planting trees with NIKIN


At NIKIN every product sold plants a tree. Until Christmas you can decide for yourself in which of these three projects your tree will be planted. But how does that work exactly? We will explain the process from product purchase to the planted tree in detail:

  • You decide on one or more NIKIN products and complete the purchase.
  • Afterwards you will receive an e-mail. In this e-mail you will find links that you can click on to have your trees planted in the desired location. Important: You will only receive one such e-mail per purchase. If you order more than one product, all trees will be donated to the same project.
  • We tell One Tree Planted where they should plant your tree or trees.
  • One Tree Planted buys one seedling for each product you have purchased and plants it in the location of your choice.


We visited One Tree Planted last year. If you want to know more about our planting partner, watch this video.




Would you also like to give something meaningful for Christmas? Then think of a tree. You will find all our products in our shop. Your loved ones thank you once – nature forever.



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