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The NIKIN community collects 75.5 kilograms of waste

Posted on September 21 2020

On Saturday, 21 September 2020, World Cleanup Day took place. In Lenzburg, employees, customers and the two founders of NIKIN collected waste and properly disposed of it. They collected a total of 75.5 kilograms.


Die NIKIN-Community beim Ausleeren des Abfalls
The NIKIN community emptying the waste bags.

The motivated helpers collected waste for almost three hours.NIKIN's headquarters are in Lenzburg, so the company decided to give something back to this city and organise a cleanup.

Every helping hand counts

After a call on social media, some volunteers came forward to support the NIKIN team with the Cleanup. The cleanup team was 23 people strong – among them three children who actively helped. Divided into four groups they collected about three hours. Afterwards they carried the waste to the waste disposal centre, separated it and disposed of it professionally.

Die Teilnehmenden trennen den Abfall, um ihn anschliessend fachgerecht zu entsorgen.
The participants sort the waste and then dispose of it properly.

The two NIKIN founders also collect

Also on site were the two NIKIN founders Robin Gnehm (CPO) and Nicholas Hänny (CEO/CMO). Together with customers they formed a collection group and looked after the old town of Lenzburg. «We are delighted that we were able to do something for our home town of Lenzburg together with our community» , says Nicholas Hänny. «And of course we hope that our efforts will raise awareness of the waste problem among as many people as possible»,  adds Robin Gnehm.
Robing Gnehm und Nicholas Hänny beim Sammeln

The two NIKIN founders, Robin Gnehm (l.) and Nicholas Hänny (r.) on Cleanup Day.

Cigarette butts are particularly damaging to the environment

Cigarette butts on the streets are a particular environmental burden, as they contaminate around 40 litres of groundwater - per butt. The nerve poison nicotine is very soluble in water. And it only takes 30 seconds to flush it out of the cigarette filter. On Cleanup Day in Lenzburg the participants collected 10,850 cigarette butts. This means that 434,000 litres of groundwater were protected. This corresponds to around 2,893 full bathtubs, since the average volume of a bathtub is around 150 litres.

Summary of the main figures

  • 23 participants, including three children
  • 75.5 kg waste collected, separated and disposed of professionally
  • of which 55.5 kg are recyclable
  • 10'850 cigarette butts, corresponding to 2.5 kg
  • 304 aluminium cans were collected
  • 434 PET bottles
  • 68 glass bottles
  • 41 batteries
  • 113 masks



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