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Bring on the unique items: NIKIN Capsule Natural Dye

Jasmina Gloor 09 Aug 2022 0 comments

The new Natural Dye Capsule is completely dyed without chemicals. For the TreeShirt in three colors and the TreeShopper with batik color gradient, NIKIN has used only leftovers from olive, coffee and onion production. Unlike conventional dyeing processes, each item is therefore hand-dyed and therefore unique. And: "There may be slight irregularities in the color gradient. But you can only see these if you look very closely," explains the NIKIN product team. In other words, if you want it to be completely natural, you also have to accept that the Natural Dye Capsule is not a series production. For this there are top marks in the use of leftovers and of course the TreeShirts in the colors Sand Coffee, White Olive and Pink Onion are made of 100% organic cotton and made in Europe. 

Field bag

Sustainable even when washing 

Since the shirts are sustainable and naturally dyed, it's also important that you wash all the items in the Natural Dye Capsule slightly differently than other clothing you own. "The shirt should be washed alone and always by hand," Sarah instructs me in the product office. That's a little different than what I'm used to, but washing by hand is much more sustainable and saves resources. And what's the deal with Pink Onion ? Don't worry, we didn't grow a new type of onion out of the ground just for our new Capsule. The name comes from our production partner and refers to the final color of the fabric. We used conventional leftover red onions for the production. 

Woman with shirt in front of tree

Unisex fits all 

The TreeShirts come in the classic Unisex cut and suit both women and men. If you like it a little oversized, you can order a size larger, the rest can grab his or her normal size. The colors are deliberately kept in earth tones and can be combined with really everything. Last, but not least: The Capsule is a limited edition, so get your TreeShirt Unsex Natural Dye before it's sold out! Click here to go to the store! 

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