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NIKIN is Swiss Brand of the year 2019/2020

Posted on December 04 2019

NIKIN achieved the highest score in the clothing category in the price-performance sub-category. We are now proud to be labelled „Swiss Brand of the year 2019/2020".


How satisfied are the Swiss people with their brands? The independent Swiss Institute for Quality Testing (SIQT) investigated this for the first time this year. Around 3'000 Swiss consumers answered questions on over 350 brands from 23 segments. In the clothing category, NIKIN achieved the highest score in the value for money subcategory. .


Price-performance as company philosophy

„We are extremely proud that we were able to win the price-performance category," says Nicholas Hänny, Chief Environmental Officer (CEO) of NIKIN. Since its inception, NIKIN has been committed to making sustainable fashion affordable. This seal of quality thus confirms that the young company is on the right track. Nicholas Hänny adds: "Just the fact that we are compared to big brands like Mammut or Sherpa is very nice for us".


25 well-known clothing brands

SIQT evaluated a total of 25 renowned clothing brands. NIKIN also achieved excellent customer satisfaction in the overall result and is one of the ten best rated brands.

You can find further information on the results of the examination here.


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