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Our Fail = Your Sale: 3 for 2 special

Posted on January 03 2020

Planning ahead is a difficult. Since we are growing at an enormous pace in 2019, planning was challenging. Now we still have a lot of winter products in stock and need space for our spring collection. But: Our Fail = Your Sale.

Our Fail = Your Sale

As a sustainable clothing brand, we always try to design our products in such a way that nothing is overstocked. After all, it would be unsustainable to let products gather dust. However, since NIKIN 2019 has been growing rapidly, precise planning was practically impossible. As a result, we have sold out some of our products and have overstock in others.

3 for 2 on a selection of winter products

NIKIN is still a very young company with relatively little storage space. Winter is coming to an end and so we need space again for our spring products. Accordingly, some winter products have to make room. Therefore we are making a 3-for-2 special. How does that work? In our online shop you can see which products are involved in our promotion. Choose three of them and you will get the most affordable one for free. Of course we will plant one tree for each of the three products. The promotion is also valid in our pop-up store and at our direct sales in Lenzburg.

Why planning is so difficult

NIKIN orders all products months in advance. The suppliers need this time to manufacture the products. It is therefore very difficult to plan the correct quantities in advance. «My team and I always do our best to order what our customers want», says Robin Gnehm, co-founder and head of the product team. However, it is almost impossible to calculate precisely for NIKIN. "The company has only been in existence for three years; we introduced most of our products in 2019. So it is very difficult to estimate which products will be bought and how often», adds Robin.
All information about the 3-for-2 special can be found here.

Are you a talented buyer? Then contact us at and help us to plan better next year.


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