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NIKIN Skate Contest 2019: Spectacular tricks, three categories and trees planted

Posted on September 12 2019

The second NIKIN Skate Contest was a spectacle in a class of its own. Great tricks, late summer weather and funky beats made for an unforgettable event. And the international field of participants made the skater's heart beat faster.

Skater in Lenzburg

(Image: Patrick Biland)

Already for the second time skaters from all over Switzerland met in Lenzburg to compete at the NIKIN Skate Contest. This year twenty skaters found their way to the school yard in Angelrain.

International Top-Skaters

Already in its second edition the NIKIN Skate Contest attracted many different skaters. This year even with foreign skaters: For example Jorge Farro from Peru and Manuel Mayr from Austria took part. Representatives of the NIKIN Teamriders did not miss the chance and presented their best tricks. The three-member jury, consisting of the three experienced skateboarders John, Raphi and Sterni, compiled the ranking as follows:

- Best Trick Curb: Janos Herzog (Flip Frontside Noseslide bigspin off) & Misha Walther (Fakie Halfcap heelflip five-0)

- Best Trick Bump: Janos Herzog (Bs Bigspinflip) & Michael Brunner (Nollie Hardflip)

- Best Line: Janos Herzog (Bs Bigspin Bump, Fakie Halfcap Heel Noseslide, Tailslide 270 out) & Manuel Mayr (Bs Bigspin, Fakie Bigspin, five-0 to fakie, fakie 270 Frontnose, slapy Frontnose to five -0)

TreeBeer – one tree per beer

A Lenzburg brewery has produced a limited edition TreeBeer. The delicious strong beer is a limited edition by NIKIN. One tree is planted per sold TreeBeer - just like for all other NIKIN products. The spectators of the Skate Contest make active use of the offer. Drinking beer and planting trees - never before has it been so easy to do something good for our environment.


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