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5 reasons why we love autumn so much

Posted on September 23 2019

Autumn has officially begun –  and is probably the most underestimated season of all. But there are endless wonderful things to enjoy during the golden season. We have listed five reasons why we love autumn so much.



TreeCap im Herbst



1. Culinary delicacies as far as the eye – or the tongue – can reach

Herbstliche Früchte
Apples, pears and co.: Autumn invites you to culinary adventures.


No season offers as many delicious varieties as autumn. Pumpkin, apples or mandarins: Many delicacies are in season in autumn. They contain all the power of summer. All the more exciting it is to try new dishes in autumn. Our current autumn favourites:
You want to try one of the dishes? Send us a photo or tell us what you think about it.



2. Autumn excursions: picnic in nature


Herbst am See
Mystical moods are not uncommon in autumn and are best enjoyed at a picnic.



Anyone can picnic in summer, but in autumn a picnic in nature is even more magical. The leaves of the trees change colour, fewer people are in the fresh air and therefore you can enjoy the silence of nature even more. Pack your woollen blanket, pour warm tea into your TreeBottle and grab your loved ones. We are sure that your picnic in nature will be unforgettable.



3. Hikes are even more magical in autumn


Wandern im Herbst
In autumn hikes are even more magical.



Autumn is hiking time! Most of the walkable mountain peaks are still snow-free, nature shines in golden tones and the atmosphere is charming. Don't miss the magical hiking moments of autumn and climb your next peaks despite the cool temperatures. Warm clothes are the be-all and end-all. And while you're wrapped up in warm clothes and fresh air around your nose, you'll love autumn just as much as we do. So let's get going, put on your hiking boots and off to the next summit.



4. Staying at home without a guilty conscience


gemütlich zu Hause
In bad weather it is best to recharge at home.



We love nature, the treetops in all autumn colours and the rustling when we walk over leaves. But when it's coming down in buckets, we also like to be in our cosy home. The great thing about autumn is that on rainy days we can do it without a guilty conscience. The rainy days invite us to hide under the blanket and read a book. We like to use the autumn to recharge our batteries and get some rest.

5. So many reasons to tinker


Holzplatten und Licherkette
Whether light chain or wooden plate: We never run out of ideas in autumn.



In autumn it is particularly suitable for handicrafts, decorating and furnishing your home. But it is not only leaves and dancing cones that can be used to decorate your home in autumn. Halloween is already at the end of October – and that's a great way to be creative.  When we carve pumpkins, we can let our inner child out completely. If you are particularly talented in craftsmanship, you can even build your own kite: Make, let them rise and marvel! And once you're seized with the fever of handicrafts, you can continue with the Christmas decoration right away. You'll never run out of ideas in autumn.


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