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Sustainable holidays – alternative ideas for Christmas 2020

Posted on December 11 2020

In a few days it's that time again: Christmas! Here are a few ideas on how you can make the coming festive season more sustainable – and Corona-compliant.


The pre-Christmas season has already started and in view of the Corona restrictions, many people are currently wondering not only how to make the festive season more sustainable, but also how the festive season can be celebrated at all. After all, most of the hitherto familiar options for Christmas celebrations are blocked this year – but the festive season doesn't have to be completely cancelled, there are definitely alternatives that make "getting together" possible. And why not turn the supposed restrictions into a time of reflection on what is really important in life and of rethinking – also with regard to more sustainability?

Tips for a "different Christmas"

There are a number of things you can do to make the festive season more sustainable and at the same time less stressful.

  • Number one on the hit list: Give time instead of money. Does it always have to be the latest gadget? Why not make something yourself and get creative for your loved ones? The choice is wide and ranges from beautiful handicrafts to homemade jams or Christmas biscuits.
  • And instead of the latest games console, a classic board game can be placed on the gift table for once, which can be used immediately during the holidays.
  • When planning the festive menu, but also the decorations, there are also plenty of sustainable options. For example, gifts can be wrapped in a self-embroidered towel or a pair of hand-knitted socks instead of paper. In future, you can also make your own Advent calendar with the help of 24 small jute bags and fill them in a very original way, according to the taste of the person receiving the gift.
  • What is then put on the table on the festive day is particularly environmentally friendly if all the food comes from the local area and is bought fresh. The easiest way to do this is to go to the weekly market (if possible)

Need more inspiration for original and sustainable gifts? Then look for more gift ideas or our X-Mas Combos.

Our recommendation this year: Forest Christmas

When it gets dark early and maybe even snow falls, the forest has its very own magic. With a little planning, you can create an unforgettable Christmas party for the whole family outdoors (always with due precautions, of course). One possibility would be to have a barbecue – with warm clothing this is great even in winter.


A suitable place can be chosen a few days in advance. It should be easily accessible, especially if not all participants are well on foot, and also offer protection from rain or snowfall. Once the location has been chosen, it is important to be there early enough to decorate before nightfall and, if desired, to set up the barbecue.

A fireplace makes the forest Christmas really cheerful, and the fire also provides a cosy warmth. You can bring your own seating or use existing ones, but remember to bring warm cushions and some blankets. If you add fairy lights, such as warmly lit LEDs or candles, hung in the surrounding bushes and trees, the ambience for a magical forest Christmas is created. 


Of course, the Christmas menu adapts to the circumstances. Much of the food can already be prepared at home, warm dishes or soups stay warm during transport in thermos flasks or are warmed up on the fire. If mulled wine and grilled food are also served, the inner warmth is provided as well. And children are always excited when they can prepare snake bread over the fire.

Christmas 2020 sustainable, different and unforgettable

With our suggestions, we want to motivate our community once again to start making small adjustments to their lifestyle in the direction of sustainability. Furthermore, we are convinced that in the Corona crisis lies a real opportunity to do some things differently and more consciously – in this spirit, we wish you happy holidays!


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