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With every order we donate 1 euro to the Red Cross to support those affected by the storms in Germany.

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Where does my TreeShirt come from? The Traceable TreeShirt presents it to you!

Posted on November 22 2019

We launch the first Traceable TreeShirt - a TreeShirt that can be traced back to its origin. With your order, set an example for fair and sustainable partnerships. One tree is planted per Traceable TreeShirt sold.

With the Traceable TreeShirt we offer the greatest possible transparency. You can view the entire supply chain - from the cotton field to your wardrobe - in real time. The Traceable TreeShirt is made of 100% organic cotton from Burkina Faso and is manufactured under fair conditions in Greece and Northern Macedonia.

New technology for the greatest possible transparency

The spin-off of the ETH "Haelixa" has developed a technology to mark the cotton. How does it work? Haelixa marks the organic cotton with natural marking materials and can trace it back through the entire supply chain to the TreeShirt in your wardrobe. Haelixa sprays the mark on the cotton like a label. When you hold the Traceable TreeShirt in your hands, you can easily check where it comes from.

Take part in the crowd-ordering

Traceable TreeShirt white

The Traceable TreeShirts can be pre-ordered now. If at least 500 pieces per colour are ordered, the delivery will be made. It is planned that we will be able to deliver the first Traceable TreeShirts this year by the end of december.

The Traceable TreeShirt is available in two cuts (women or unisex) and the colours black, white, olive and pink. It is the result of a collaboration between NIKIN, ecos, Haelixa and gebana.

Further information and the possibility to order, you will find here.


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