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The sustainable wallet from NIKIN

The NIKIN sustainable wallet is the ideal sustainable wallet if you are looking for a wallet that is sustainable and vegan. The sustainable wallet is not a wallet made from recycled material, but it is made from sustainable cork. Cork is a versatile and vegan material that gives the men's wallet, which is made sustainably and fairly, a particularly great design. Find out what makes the wallet for women sustainable here....

What makes the wallet sustainable

If you are looking for a men's wallet that is sustainably produced or a women's wallet that is sustainably produced, then you have come to the right place. We use 100% cork material for the sustainable wallet. Cork is a natural, renewable and therefore sustainable product that is extracted from the bark of the cork oak. Not a single tree has to be felled for the sustainable wallet, the cork oak is merely peeled for cork production. The wallet is sustainable because the peeling of the cork trees has no negative impact on the natural development of the tree. The sustainable wallet is not a fair trade wallet, but a real natural product that is sustainably and fairly produced in Europe.

The sustainable wallet in different sustainable versions

Beautiful and sustainable, the NIKIN wallet is a simple yet very stylish purse that is sustainably and fairly produced. A wallet for women that is small and sustainable is not easy to find, but we have a wide selection of great sustainable wallets for you. The small sustainable wallet fits perfectly in your pocket and has enough space for your credit cards, personal ID and some cash. The sustainable wallet is only a few centimetres wide when full, saving you a lot of space in your pocket. The small and compact sustainable wallet is available in the beautiful natural colour of cork or in a black version.

The sustainable wallet, a real classic

This sustainable wallet in a classic format is also made of 100 percent cork and fairly produced in Europe. It has several compartments for your personal ID and credit cards, a generous compartment for banknotes and a practical compartment with a button for coins. The beautiful and simple sustainable wallet is again available in two colour versions, in natural dark cork brown and in noble black. The fibre of the renewable cork material makes the sustainable wallet not only environmentally friendly, but also very individual, because no wallet looks like the other. Each sustainable wallet is therefore unique. The sustainable wallet and its size are standard. It fits perfectly in your trouser pocket, jacket pocket or handbag.

The sustainable wallet from NIKIN offers generous storage space

Sustainable wallets from NIKIN are also available in an extra large version that offers generous space for all your personal IDs and credit cards. The sustainable wallet also has a very large compartment for coins and several banknotes. The rectangular sustainable wallet also has enough space for other small personal items. Your house keys, medicines, chewing gum, photos and a pen can easily be stored in the spacious sustainable wallet. All the items you put in the sustainable wallet are kept safe because you can easily close the sustainable wallet with the zip.

The sustainable wallet - a version for every taste

NIKIN's sustainable wallets are of very high quality in terms of material and workmanship. The different sizes and numerous compartments are precisely matched to offer an ideal choice for everyone. The sustainable wallet, whether large, medium or small, is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a great and practical wallet. Our community is very happy with the selection, design and options we offer with our sustainable wallet.

Combine your wallet with many other sustainable products

Made from the same sustainable cork material as the sustainable wallet, the Sustainable belts made. The stylish and simple belt is the perfect choice for your everyday life. It's adjustable and will give you a great look at work, in your free time or at a party. The belt is sustainably made in Europe. We also offer in our shop sustainable backpacks The sustainable wallet can be easily stowed away in a variety of different cases.

Many great combinations for any weather

If it's cold outside, you'll find great scarves here. The scarf is simple, stylish and protects you from any weather and prevents a cold. The scarf, like almost all of our products, is made in Europe and from environmentally friendly materials, which makes the Scarf sustainable and do something good for the environment. On sunny days, on the other hand, it's important to protect your eyes from too much sunlight. For this we have many sustainable sunglasses for you in our range. Our TreeGlasses are available in many different styles and colours - including one that suits your taste. Our sunglasses are also made fairly and from sustainable materials in Europe. If you're on the go, you'll find the perfect accessory for you in our shop: Sustainable drinking bottlesYou can fill it over and over again and thus reduce your plastic consumption. The versatile thermos bottle is a real all-rounder in your everyday life. You can fill the bottle with any content - hot drinks such as coffee, tea or even soup can still be enjoyed hot up to 12 hours after filling. So you can enjoy your morning coffee or tea to the full in the afternoon or evening. Cold drinks, on the other hand, stay cold for up to 24 hours. On hot days, you can fill a cold soft drink into the bottle in the morning and its contents will still be pleasantly cold in the afternoon, evening and even the day after. Try it out - on your next hike, your next city trip or simply in your everyday work, school or university life. You will be surprised!