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7 sustainable Valentine's Day gifts

Posted on January 30 2020

Roses wilt, chocolate is usually wrapped in plastic, and at romantic multi-course candlelight dinners the leftovers have to be thrown away. So it's time to start thinking about sustainable Valentine's Day gifts.



1. Give something alive

Your sweetheart or your lover is always happy about flowers? Then give me flowers that are still potted. These last much longer if cared for properly and will always bring a smile to your face. If your better half has a green thumb, you can even just give the seeds and your loved one will enjoy raising the plant themselves.

2. Self made with love

Pralines are among the classics among Valentine's Day gifts. It's just a pity that the packaging of these treats often generates a lot of plastic waste. There's a simple solution to this problem: stand in the kitchen and make your partner's favourite pralines - with the secret ingredient: a lot of love.

3. spend time in private

The most valuable thing we can give to another person is our time. And the best thing is: Giving time doesn't have to be expensive. Why not give your partner a home-cooked dinner or a picnic in the great outdoors. We are sure that your loved one will be happy about it.

4. The free choice

You don't know the size of your better half's clothes, but you really want to give him or her the garment that he or she has had his or her eye on for so long? Or you're not sure which product he or she really wants? Before you simply buy something that may not be to your liking, why don't you give a gift certificate - then your partner can make his or her own choice.

5. Advanced repair

Something new is not always the best choice as a gift. Often our loved ones are especially happy when their favourite pieces are mended. If the zipper of your girlfriend's favourite bag is stuck, why not repair it for Valentine's Day? Or turn an old shirt into a pillow - you can't get much more personal than that.

6. Giving away animals - but sensible

Your friend is an absolute animal lover, but is not allowed to keep pets himself? Then you can start a partnership for an animal in his name. From donkeys to goats to ducks - online you will find various ways to give your loved one an animal, even if only virtually.

7. The absolute classic

If you want to show your love on Valentine's Day, you do not necessarily need a material gift. Much easier and above all more personal is the classic Valentine's Day gift: the love letter. You don't have to be a great poet to write one. A few lines that come from the heart touch every soul.

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