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🌲🌲 Only during Green Friday Weekend we plant 2 instead of 1 tree per product! 🌲🌲


In addition to planting trees, we strive to maintain a good relationship with our manufacturers and to keep production distances as short as possible. We are proud of the fact that almost all NIKIN products are now manufactured fairly in Europe. 

A close relationship with our manufacturers is important to us. That is why we always maintain direct contact and are not dependent on intermediaries. If time permits, we try to visit our manufacturers personally. We transfer our requirements to our manufacturers. Our textile production in Istanbul (Turkey), for example, was explicitly certified by "GOTS" at our request. 

NIKIN enables everyone to do something good for the environment – but it's not just about the single tree, it's about the whole movement in the right direction. We want to motivate people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We plant tree by tree.”

– Nicholas Hänny (CEO & Co-Founder of NIKIN) 

With our success we are approaching our goal – the relocation of our production from Asia to Europe – and today almost all our products are manufactured in Europe. The only product that cannot yet be produced in Europe is our TreeBottle. The solid bottle is still produced in China. So far no way has been found to produce the bottles in Europe at a price that is consistent with our philosophy of sustainable fashion and accessories at affordable prices. However, we have ensured that production in Asia is SGS (Safety and Health) certified and produces under the best possible conditions.  

Further advantages of production in Europe: 

  • Easier communication
  • The product reaches us and thus our customers more quickly 
  • Lower CO2 emissions due to significantly shorter transport routes
  • Generally higher standards with regard to fair wages, child labour etc.

For financial reasons it was not possible for us to produce mainly in Europe right from the start. It was not easy for us as a young brand to meet the big minimum order quantities required by the producers, as we were massively restricted with an initial budget of only EUR 4,500. But it was and still is our goal - to this day. We are well aware that we are not perfect, but we are sure that we are on the right track. 



In the west of Istanbul (European soil) we found a suitable producer thanks to our Swiss contact Timur, who helped us to find a fair way for our TreeShirt production. Meanwhile almost all our textiles are produced in Turkey. We maintain a close relationship with Timur and were even able to personally visit the production in 2018.




In the north of Sofia is our manufacturer who is responsible for the production of all our TreeCaps. Our contact George offered to visit his production in 2019 and gave us a great insight into the production. We are in advanced talks with him to switch to sustainable organic cotton for his production soon.



We had the pleasure to find a suitable production site for our TreeSocks in the capital Riga via our contact Ivan. See here how our TreeSocks are made. 

In autumn 2019 we had the opportunity to visit this production personally and to be positively convinced by the quality and the conditions on site.



In the former stronghold of the Eastern European textile industry Lodz we found our contact Albert, who is responsible for the production of all our beanies (or Treeanies, as we call them). His visit clarified still open questions and strengthened our partnership. 

The production in Poland could be visited under the guidance of Albert in autumn 2019.


Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, we found a great partner in Lukasz, with whom we can produce our cotton TreePacks. In August 2019 this production could be visited personally, where we were convinced of a strong cooperation.



In China, where our TreeBottles are produced, we are in close contact with our contact person, called Star. For various reasons this production has not yet been visited. Research and inspections assure us that production takes place under appropriate conditions. 

Personalised TreeBottles with engraving are processed in Switzerland by the Zurich company (LINK: 

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