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Discover sustainable NIKIN t-shirts for women

NIKIN specialised early on in the environmentally conscious production of sustainable T-shirts for women. Alongside our Treeanies, they were among our first products and are still very popular today. Sustainable T-shirts for women are tops that convince with an environmentally conscious approach both in the choice of fabric and in the manufacturing process. In addition, we plant a tree for every NIKIN product. This also applies to our sustainable T-shirts. You can find out more about NIKIN Tree Planting here. here. Read next and learn more about sustainable T-shirts for women:...

We not only offer sustainable T-shirts for men and women, but also long-sleeved shirts for women that are sustainably produced. These so-called longsleeves for women are sustainable because we make them from organic cotton and have them produced locally in Europe. We also focus on a timeless design for all our articles. The production of the sustainable T-shirts for women and men in Europe is spread over several countries: we produce in the European part of Istanbul as well as in Portugal. We carefully select the manufacturers for our sustainable T shirts for women. On the one hand, we check the standards of the manufacturers. next we visit them on site to see the conditions for ourselves and to check how our sustainable T-shirts for women are produced. In addition, it is always enriching to get to know the people behind the articles and to exchange ideas. Videos of our visits to manufacturers of our sustainable T-shirts for women can be found here.

What materials are the sustainable T-shirts for women made of?

As the name suggests, our sustainable T shirts for women, called TreeShirts, are dedicated to trees and forests. In addition, nature in general is also very important to us. That's why we choose fabrics and materials for the sustainable T-shirts for men and women that are as environmentally friendly as possible. The basic material for the sustainable T-shirts for women is organic cotton. If the shirts are not made of 100% organic cotton, the mottled shirts are a mixture of organic cotton with recycled PET. Exceptions to the sustainable T-shirts for women are, for example, the TreePlanter Shirt Linen, which consists of 56% linen and 44% organic cotton. Not only do we have a large selection of colours when it comes to sustainable T-shirts for women. We are also diversified in terms of sizes. From XS to XL, everyone can wear our sustainable T-shirts for women.

Another special feature of our sustainable T-shirts for men and women is the tree planted. NIKIN donates one tree to our partner organisation One Tree Planted for every product sold. Thank you to the NIKIN TreeTracker you can now also find out where and for which project your tree from the purchase of a sustainable T-shirt for women was planted. We also stand out from other online shops with sustainable fashion with our transparency regarding manufacturers and our young and fresh style. We are more than a fashion brand. With our environmental commitment, we try to change something holistically and inspire others beyond the community. The best examples of this are the NIKIN Cleanup Days, where we clean up Swiss cities, or the TreePlantingDays, where we plant trees locally ourselves together with young and old! Learn more about our values and guidelines, according to which we produce the sustainable T-shirts for women. here!

Sustainable T-shirts for ladies that plant a tree each: what more could you want?

Our sustainable T-shirts for men and women are perfect for a casual office look, but also for leisure or sports. The fairly produced shirts are especially popular for hiking and travelling. Thanks to the beautiful cotton fabric, the sustainable T-shirts for women are comfortable to wear and, depending on the cut, also offer enough space for layering should it be very cold. Even in the hot month, the sustainable shirts for women are suitable for every occasion. Be it on the beach, urban sightseeing or on the plane travelling to new places. Customers currently prefer the T Shirt Basic Women and the T Shirt Pocket Women. The two long-running favourites among the sustainable T-shirts for women impress customers with their timeless design, the beautiful embroidered logo and the organic cotton quality!

Shop not only our sustainable T-shirts for women but also our other categories in the section Sustainable clothing ladies. For example, I find super beautiful Sustainable jumpers for ladies and discover classic cuts and everyday styles! You can also wear sustainable T-shirts for women in winter under our jumpers. One sustainable jacket for ladies belongs in every wardrobe and we highly recommend ours. Many of the jackets come in the same colours as our women's sustainable t-shirts, so you can coordinate the two pieces if you like. Of course, a complete wardrobe should also include some Sustainable trousers for ladies not be missing. Check out the styles and cuts now! As always, for every garment from sustainable T-shirts for women to our TreeSocks, we plant a tree!