Green Friday: Stinginess is not cool!

Green Friday: Stinginess is not cool!

Especially at the time around Black Friday, companies lure with extreme discounts and deals. We want to counteract this enormous incentive to buy and sensitize people to shop consciously. Yes, we also love clothes, fashion and shopping - but please do it with head and heart. Sustainability is a process that we want to drive forward not only at "Green Friday", but as steadily as possible. And you can be #partofthemovement. 

Plant twice as many trees 

Instead of deals like "2 for 1," we're letting from November 25 to 28, 2022, we will have we will plant two trees for every product sold. In this way, we want to double the positive impact on nature. So at NIKIN, there will be no additional discounts, but instead a small "Green Friday" collection, where our fir tree logo will be complemented by a second little tree. The collection consists of durable and sustainable materials produced under fair conditions in Europe.

"Plant with purpose" instead of additional discounts 

During "Green Friday" we support a tree planting project in the Dominican Republic. The goal is to revitalize deforested land, where we want to help plant and care for 1,275,000 trees with our partner One Tree Planted.As part of the holistic "Plant With Purpose" approach, forest restoration also aims to achieve sociological improvements. For example, many local farmers will be involved in the project to increase their awareness of the environment.

What the numbers say 

To give you an idea of the environmental impact of doubling the number of trees, we present some examples of calculations: 

  • Oxygen: A small tree about 20 meters high produces about 10,000 liters of oxygen per day. This is enough for about five to ten people who need between 500 and 2,000 liters of oxygen per day. If you buy a NIKIN product at Green Friday , the two trees you plant could later produce oxygen for up to 20 people.

  • Dust filter: Trees are not considered the green lungs of cities for nothing, because they filter particles and dust from the air via leaves or needles. A tree filters up to 100 kilograms of dust from the air per year. So your two NIKIN trees together could filter up to 200 kilograms per year.

  • CO2 storage: How much CO2 a tree binds depends on how old the tree is, its wood density and its growth rate, but also soil quality, climate and water supply play a role. A rough example: A beech tree in our latitudes binds about 12.5 kilograms of CO2. In order to absorb one ton of CO2, the beech would therefore have to become 80 years old - or two trees together would have to become 40 years old.

  • Animals: Trees are home to various animal species. In addition to various insects, woodpeckers, martens, dormice, squirrels and bird species also live in the trees - depending on the country and climate zone, of course, the inhabitants differ. Researchers estimate that there are about as many animals per tree as there are inhabitants of a medium-sized city. So at Green Friday , you can provide a home for an enormous number of animals with your trees.

Join us at "Green Friday"! 

By the way, you will not incur any additional costs for the purchase, even if twice as many trees are planted thanks to you.. The selling price of our products remains the same, we simply donate twice as much money to our planting partner OneTreePlanted. Thanks to the TreeTracker you can always see where "your" tree is planted. #happygreenfriday!

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