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Hygge: Of the great happiness that lies in the small.

When we feel secure, we feel quality of life. Comforting feelings give us bright moments even in the dark winter - before, during and after Christmas. This is also known in Scandinavia: Despite sunless months, people there are among the most content. Hygge contributes to this. It's an attitude to life that puts coziness above everything else.

Christmas is a stressful time for many people. One aperitif follows the next, one festive meal follows the next, and we also have to buy presents - the right ones. All of this saps our energy. How good, you can easily recharge the batteries. Hygge always goes, gives us a new awareness and is ideal for stress management.

"Hygge" is when everything is just right

Everything that makes you hyggelig is in yourself. With mindfulness, you can find out. Take time - also for yourself. Enjoy the moment, rejoice in the small things and be content with what you have. Focus on something concrete and don't get bogged down with digital distractions. Our soul is and remains analog.

When people talk about "hygge" in Denmark, they mean coziness above all. Here, there is only room for the here and now; negativity can stay outside. Do something good for yourself and others, live your life as pleasantly as possible. This is very easy, try it out. Duration doesn't matter, it's about intensity.

Relax and come to rest

Take it easy. This works both alone and in the company of loved ones. Whether you're snuggled up watching a movie, immersed in an exciting book, or forgetting about time while listening to your favorite band. Whether you're brewing a tasty tea or daydreaming away, setting up a board game with friends and family or taking a walk in the snow, it's all hygge and makes you a calmer person.

Now that it's getting dark early, light makes for a good mood and coziness. Light a candle, or better yet, several. The warm flicker adds a romantic ambience to any room. Light a fire outside, perhaps in a bowl on the balcony. Or turn on lamps with soothing light. This also works with LED lights on the Christmas tree and is sustainable.

Feel at home all around

Make yourself and your loved ones really cozy. With fluffy blankets and pillows on the sofa. With a soft carpet that pampers your feet as well as your eyes. With appealing pictures, pretty books on the shelf or objects that awaken beautiful memories in you - of vacations, of your family, of unique experiences.

Treat yourself to more delicious

Of course, people like to enjoy something special at Christmas. But enjoyment doesn't depend on the calendar - or the weekend. Invite loved ones over during the week, cook something delicious together, and enjoy it in intimate company. Toast the good things in life with a good drop of wine. And treat yourself to homemade baked goods with your coffee. You don't always have to count calories.

Conclusion: Hygge is worth discovering. With the power of tranquility in you, you too can go through life more calmly. Beautifully hyggelig.

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