2 million trees - NIKIN reaches new milestone

2 million trees - NIKIN reaches new milestone

We did it! Since its founding in 2016, NIKIN has planted one tree for every product sold. Within a little more than six years, we have together with our grandiosen community, we have planted 2 million (!) trees planted. A tattoo-worthy milestone and reason to celebrate.  

In a world threatened by climate change, it is increasingly important to work to protect the earth. One of the most effective ways to do this is to plant trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which helps improve air quality. They also provide protection from natural disasters such as avalanches, floods and landslides by stabilizing the soil and absorbing water. Trees also provide habitat and food for many animals and help maintain biodiversity. They create jobs, promote tourism, and provide a place for people to relax and unwind. In addition, trees reduce stress, provide protection from the sun, and are good for overall health. In short, an earth without trees would not be habitable.  

Image: 2 million trees equals 40,000 acres, 16,187 hectares, 161.874 km2.

We make a difference 

What to do with abeer ideahas now become two million trees planted. When NIKIN founders Robin Gnehm and Nicholas Hänny met in McArthurs Pub in Lenzburg in 2016, neither of them would have imagined that their idea would make the world so much greener - and in just six years. After all, the best thing is when your own actions have a positive impact. Thanks to the support of the community, NIKIN was able to make a difference and ensure a greener future.

Image: NIKIN - that's you too! Here is a photo from TreePlanting Day in Auenstein. 

Together we are strong  

Since its foundation, NIKIN has been able to rely on its reliable partnerOne Tree Plantedhas been a reliable partner. This non-profit organization plants the trees on behalf of NIKIN within large campaigns. One Tree Planted was founded in 2015, shortly before NIKIN. NIKIN regularly exchanges ideas with One Tree Planted and the founders of both companies have visited each other several times. One Tree Planted has planted a total of 4 million trees in 2019.

Image: With our partner One Tree Planted, we plant trees around the world.

#treebytree - 2 million is just the beginning 

We are very proud to have had such an enormous impact on nature in this short time. However, this is just the beginning. In line with our #treebytree credo, we will continue to contribute to global reforestation. Every time you buy a garment from NIKIN, we plant a tree. This way you can dress well and do something good for the environment at the same time. At the same time, we go one step further next. We are working with local communities and organizations to ensure that the trees will continue to thrive in the future. We don't just want to plant trees, we want to make sure they stay healthy and strong. For a greener world. 

Image: Heaven is a place on earth.


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