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Strengthen the immune system naturally

Strengthening your own immune system in a natural way is quite simple. Even small changes have a positive effect. We show you the simplest and best ways to support your immune system naturally.

The body's own defences can cope well with most bacteria - they just need a little natural reinforcement to get into full form. We've created a Nerd version and a Cool Kids version of recommendations for you. Enjoy!

1. Strengthen the immune system: Get enough sleep

Nerd version: Sufficient sleep is crucial for your immune system. How much sleep a person needs varies greatly from person to person - while one person can easily get by on four hours, another is only fully rested after nine hours of sleep.

Cool Kids Version: Yes, of course, you already know about sleep. But do you act accordingly? Exactly. As a benchmark for too little sleep, we give you the following GIF:



2. Strengthen the immune system: You are what you eat

Nerd version: It should be common knowledge by now that a healthy diet is essential for good health. Fresh food, a varied diet with lots of fruit and vegetables provide the body with vitamins and trace elements that the body's own defences can rely on.

Cool Kids: Go home more often and eat your mum's good food. This way, the natural strengthening of the immune system is achieved in no time and your mum is also satisfied.

Nutritious soup

3. Strengthen the immune system: Manage stress

Nerd version: Challenges in work and private life are always there - how we deal with them is up to us. If it is a high, possibly long-term stress, it can help to get help for stress management. With breathing techniques, autogenic training or yoga, you can learn to give your immune system a break.

Cool Kids Version: Another option would be to say no more often, both professionally and privately.



4. Strengthen the immune system: Exercise in the fresh air

Nerd version: Cars, lifts and escalators take away many of our movements and shorten distances. However, the human body is not designed for this in the long term. Sufficient exercise can be obtained by leaving the car behind occasionally, taking the stairs and being outside regularly at the weekend.

Cool Kids Version: Hiking is anyway a trend right now. Movement is life. Just do it.

Man in nature

5. Strengthen the immune system: Don't overdo it with the indulgence

Nerd version: Alcohol and nicotine are so-called pleasure poisons. The effects of nicotine consumption on health are undisputed, but too much alcohol is also quickly reached. The occasional glass of red wine is perfectly fine, but in general, medical experts advise against excessive consumption.

Cool Kids Version: A really good party night releases lots of happy hormones. Treat yourself once in a while (can also be without stimulants, come as you are)!



6. Strengthen the immune system: Laugh more often - preferably in company

Nerd version: The health value of positive mood cannot be overestimated. Laughter has a liberating effect and benefits the whole organism. Of course, you can put yourself in a high mood, but it is usually easier to laugh in good company, surrounded by friends and family!

Cool Kids Version: I told you so. See point 5.

Women laughing

7. Strengthen the immune system: Harnessing the power of music

Nerd version: Music is a real tonic, because it speaks directly to you and can immediately lift your mood, curb stress and encourage you to dance. All of this benefits the immune system and can be planned.

Cool Kids Version: Self love is to create your own anti-stress playlist.



8. Strengthen the immune system: Essential oils are natural helpers

Nerd version: Even ordinary herbal teas release the soothing vapours of camomile or aniseed when you have a cold. Various products are suitable for application and rubbing, inhalation or ingestion, which clear the nose and soothe a sore throat without having to resort to stronger medicines.

Cool Kids Version: I totally agree. All power to the plants!

Herbal medicine

9. Strengthen the immune system: Sauna and steam bath

Nerd version: Scandinavians have known for centuries how good the sweat bath is for the immune system. The stay in the Finnish sauna can be supported by infusions with spruce needle oil and other additives. And those who do not feel up to the high temperatures in the sauna can achieve similar effects in the steam bath.

Cool Kids Version: Sweat out all the stress and bad stuff, followed by soup and 10 hours of sleep. That's how it works!

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