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„We need a trillion trees!" - An interview with the ETH researcher Dr. Colin Averill

Posted on November 28 2019

Global reforestation is the most effective measure against climate change. The world needs a trillion new trees to absorb two thirds of man-made CO2 emissions. This is the conclusion of a study by ETH Zurich. We spoke with Dr Colin Averill, who was involved in the study.

Colin Averill mit dem NIKIN-Team

The NIKIN team spoke with Dr. Colin Averill, Senior Scientist at the Crowther Lab of ETH Zurich.
NIKIN plants one tree per product sold - and there is an important reason for this: trees are not only the home of many animals, but they also absorb CO2. A study by ETH Zurich has now shown how important trees are for the environment. That's why we talked to someone who needs to know exactly. Dr. Colin Averill worked on the study and answered our most burning questions. We will publish his answers here at irregular intervals.

How many trees will it take to stop climate change?

In the first part we directly asked him the most important question: How many trees do we need? His answer: one trillion. You can see how many trees there are on earth at the moment in the video.



For more information on the Crowther Lab study, you can find here.

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