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Shop sustainable jackets for men now

Whether it's the men's fleece jacket, which is sustainable, or the men's transition jacket, which is also sustainable: at NIKIN you can currently find great sustainable jackets for men. You can be sure that we look very carefully at the choice of materials, because fabrics have a big part to play in how ecological an item is. We prefer natural fibres to artificial ones. We use a lot of cotton, which is preferably of organic quality and GOTs certified. We may also use recycled polyester or fabrics made from waste plastic such as ECONYL®. What we like about synthetic fibres is that they keep an item looking good for longer, so we process them to increase the wearability of a product. We hope that in this way, for example, sustainable jackets for men will be worn longer by consumers. Basically, we produce all our clothing items in Europe. This ensures that we know the producers of our sustainable jackets for men and can visit them personally....

You can see an overview of videos from past visits here. We value the personal exchange very much, as we are convinced that this way we can produce even better and even more ecological articles, such as sustainable jackets for men. We are happy to point out possible sustainability certificates to the factories and appreciate it very much if they acquire them. For smaller sites, we rely on our own sustainability criteria to assess whether a manufacturer is a good fit for us. On this Page you will find transparent information on our criteria, values and commitment to sustainability.

What does the future hold for sustainable NIKIN jackets for men? A winter jacket, sustainable and for men?

In the future, there will most likely be more sustainable down jackets for men, sustainable rain jackets for men and sustainable softshell jackets for men. In general, you can look forward to more sustainable winter jackets from NIKIN in the future. There will also be a sustainable rain jacket for men again. Of course, a tree will still be planted for every article in the future, such as sustainable jackets for men. This is already happening today in cooperation with One Tree Planted. The Canadian organisation plants trees with us all over the world for a variety of different projects. The aim is always to reforest forests and protect habitats for people and animals. It is also important to involve the local population. This means that with every purchase of sustainable jackets for men, you plant at least one tree and not only treat yourself, but also nature.

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