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With every order we donate 1 euro to the Red Cross to support those affected by the storms in Germany.

🌲🌲 Only during Green Friday Weekend we plant 2 instead of 1 tree per product! 🌲🌲

Tree Planting

Trees are important to our environment. Trees help clean the air we breathe, clean the water we drink, provide habitat to over 80%+ of the World's biodiversity, provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people on this planet, provide health in so many ways (1/4 medicines we take come from trees & plants) and trees absorb carbon from our atmosphere. – One Tree Planted

Two People Tree Planting
Tree planting in Guatemala

NIKIN? Those are the ones who plant trees?

Yes and no. Because we don’t actually plant the trees ourselves, but we finance their planting, which our partner One Tree Planted, a renowned environmental and non-profit organization from the USA, does for us. In other words, we actually serve as transmitters, because you actually finance the tree - with every purchase of one of our products. It is important to know that we are not a non-profit organization but a lifestyle brand that voluntarily reinvests part of the proceeds in tree planting projects to give something back to our beloved nature and counteract climate change.

But how exactly does this tree sponsoring work? Are trees really being planted and where are they planted? Which trees are planted and who plants them? Does my tree have my name written on it and can I visit it in 10 years?

Planting trees worldwide

The principle is basically very simple. For every sold item from our assortment, we will give $1 to our partner organization One Tree Planted at the end of each month. „OTP“ is a globally active, climate-friendly and non-profit organization from the United States. We enoy a good relationship with their founder, Matt Hill, who also regularly helps planting trees. Several times a year, this non-profit organization carries out professional plantings of regional tree species at more than ten locations worldwide. The trees are planted by many volunteer and dedicated local and OTP volunteers themselves. The trees are planted where they have previously disappeared for various reasons such as agriculture, timber industry, habitat or natural events (forest fire, drought, etc.). In addition, BOS Switzerland is currently planting a tree in Indonesia for each "Treeanie Coal".



BOS Schweiz

Where your tree is planted depends on where it is needed the most. Therefore, your tree will be planted at the location where One Tree Planted organizes its next tree planting campaign. However, you can always stay up to date with our Instagram and Facebook, One Tree Planted’s and their website.

The tree-free Tree Certificate

If you sponsor a tree with us, you will do something good for the earth, even if it may not affect you directly and you may never actually see or visit your tree. Because at the end of each month, we pass on the amount due from all products sold to One Tree Planted, who then do not plant the tree immediately, but rather organize tree planting campaigns several times a year at various locations all over the world. Your tree, which has grown into a young seedling, is then lovingly planted by hand at some suitable place and will be given to nature. What you get sent with your order is a Tree Certificate with your personal name on it that recognizes you as the Official Tree Sponsor.

It would be stupid to plant a tree with an order at NIKIN, but to chop down other trees to manufacture regular paper for your tree certificate, the invoice and the delivery note. And that's why we just completely dispense with conventional paper made from tree fibers. We only use „tree-free“ paper, which is made from sugar cane waste, among other things. The paper for your invoice is completely gone, because this is only sent by email.

Tree Certificate

Thanks to the great collaboration with One Tree Planted and the enormous participation of all NIKIN supporters, the planting of several thousand trees worldwide has been realized so far. THANK YOU!

Here is a video of our visit to OneTreePlanted in 2018:

More photos and more information about the trees can be found at If you have further questions on this topic, NIKIN is always available.

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