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🌲🌲 Only during Green Friday Weekend we plant 2 instead of 1 tree per product! 🌲🌲

Internal philosophy

We are all on the same level, honest with each other and listen to each other – the almost familiy atmosphere is unique. In joint discussions, ideas emerge that are realised step by step – in this way, each and every one of us contributes his or her part to helping NIKIN progress step by step along its path. If employees enjoy coming to work, that's what makes the difference. Each new member of the team is assessed in advance to see whether they fit into our team – and their character plays just as big a role as their skills. Real friendships have already developed from our work colleagues. Everyone is welcome, the initial two founders have grown into a team of around 20 employees who contribute their best on a daily basis to make NIKIN bigger and bigger. We have people with roots in Europe, South America and Asia.

NIKIN not only stands for sustainability in fashion, but also cultivates the most sustainable approach possible internally. We separate and recycle almost everything – plastic, paper, glass and aluminium are carefully separated and disposed of in an appropriate manner. We even have our own composting system in which biodegradable residues are decomposed to earth. In the process, worms decompose the organic residues, as they do in nature, and produce wonderful natural fertilisers. If you want to recycle your organic waste at home, it's best to get your own earthworms via WormUp. 

In Switzerland we enjoy a great privilege: We can drink our tap water without any problems, which saves us the consumption of water bottled in PET bottles. Each new team member receives his or her own reusable TreeBottle on the first day of work, saving countless amounts of plastic.  

If a customer would like to exchange a product ordered from us, he is welcome to do so – but with us, the returns do not simply end up in the trash, as with other companies. Returned products are put to our outlets – we regularly organise Outlet-Saleswhere we offer the products at discounted prices and where shipping costs can be saved as well. Otherwise we need the products for events, sponsor or donate them. So (almost) none of the returned products are left behind and find a happy new owner.   


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