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Pre-orders for the TreeMasks are not possible at the moment, therefore extension of the period until Monday! 🌲
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Climate neutral 

Climate neutrality means that the stated amount of CO2 emissions is offset by a climate protection project in order to jointly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

The Swiss Post is currently sending out all letters in a climate-neutral manner by investing in climate-neutral projects. For the packages, on the other hand, we pay a surcharge to Swiss Post in order to send all our packages climate neutrally.

Worldwide, we rely on UPS, which also handle their shipments climate-neutrally, especially for us. For the climate-neutral dispatch in the whole world we pay also to UPS a surcharge for each order. Even though worldwide shipping is not necessarily a sustainable aspect, it is at least climate-neutral.  

So we can say that all letters and packages we send are climate-neutral by investing the surcharge in climate-neutral projects. 

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