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5 outdoor winter activities in Switzerland

Winter in Switzerland - many people immediately think of skiing or snowboarding. However, there are actually plenty of alternatives for winter activities in Switzerland. Because: some excursion destinations in Switzerland are particularly beautiful in winter! In this blog, we present five beautiful winter excursion destinations in Switzerland for those of us who are less keen on skiing.

Winter hikes

Enjoying nature on snow-covered paths and having interesting conversations - that's a great way to spend the weekend. Suitable winter hiking trails are not only to be found in the Alps, there are also fantastic winter hiking trails in the lowlands if there is enough snow. A wonderful winter hiking trail suitable for beginners, for example, leads from Schwarzenbühl to Ottenleue in the canton of Bern. The picturesque view of the Gantrisch mountain range accompanies hiking enthusiasts along the entire length of the beautiful winter hiking trail. The route is also easily accessible by public transport - making it the perfect sustainable family outing.

Winter hiking trails in Switzerland - Winter hiking for the family | NIKIN Blog
Picture: Close to nature and quality time - hiking in winter is fun!

Ice skating and curling

Alongside tobogganing and cross-country skiing, ice skating is one of the most popular outdoor winter activities for the Swiss. The non-plus-ultra is of course skating on frozen water, which is unfortunately rare. In many places there are ice rinks as an alternative. Standing aids are also available there for the little ones - so that they don't slip on the unfamiliar surface and can support themselves. You can also often play ice hockey or try your hand at curling in ice rinks, which is particularly popular for team events.

On the road with sled dogs

Huskies are also known to exist in Switzerland. Sled dog tours through picturesque landscapes are winter excursions with a difference. They are organized for individual participants, but also for groups and families. When choosing an offer, make sure that the organization is committed to the welfare of the dogs - because such a tour should not be torturous for the animals!

Sled dogs play in the snow | NIKIN Blog
Picture: Playful huskies in the snow - what could be more heartwarming?

Kayaking on Lake Brienz

Wrapped up warm, participants can discover Lake Brienz and its surroundings from the water. Kayak tours are offered all year round - so why not get out of your comfort zone when the snow is falling? This is made possible by the enthusiasm of various kayak providers who want to show the beauty of the lake from an unusual perspective.

With the winter boat on Lake Thun

The winter boat route from Thun to Interlaken is not quite as adventurous, but offers plenty of enjoyment. This relaxed winter activity makes it easy to experience the magic of the cold season in comfort.

The winter boat on Lake Thun | NIKIN Blog
Picture: A picturesque backdrop in the snow - the winter ship doesn't hold back with highlights. Credits: © CC-BY-SA|BLS AG, Navigation, Interlaken Tourism

Of course, the tips presented here are just a selection of the many possible outdoor winter excursions in Switzerland. The range of winter activities in Switzerland is diverse and varied - with a little research, you are sure to find suitable winter excursion destinations for your needs and preferences. Take a look at our warming winter collection so that nothing stands in the way of your outdoor winter adventure!

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