6 years of NIKIN - that was a year!

6 years of NIKIN - that was a year!

How to correct birthday we know, and to celebrate six years, we're not missing a single opportunity to prove it. Nearly two million trees, a pop-up store in Aarau, unforgettable events and projectssustainable fashion and an unbroken pioneering spirit., that was our year.  

Once upon a time there were two friends and this one idea. The story of NIKIN began on October 22, 2016 over a beer at McArthurs Pub in Lenzburg, where Nicholas and Robin formulated the vision of founding a brand that would plant a tree for every product sold. A first big milestone was the small warehouse in Seengen and already in 2018 NIKIN became a GmbH. Shortly after came the new logo, first full-time employees and a visit to Canada, where tree planting partnerOne Tree Planted. A special moment was when Nicholas and Robin first met someone unknown on the street wearing "their" clothes. To this day, the two say, "Never could we have dreamed of accomplishing so much in just a few years."

Trees in the heart and chest 

As an environmentally conscious clothing brand, we want to make the world greener step by step and show that sustainability can be lived by all of us in everyday life. We have already achieved a lot along this path, but we still have at least as much to do. Admittedly, a lot has changed in six years. "More is more" is the motto, and unfortunately that also applies to the fashion industry.  

Step by step, tree by tree 

But that's exactly what has made NIKIN even more important. Because in a time when a sweater is only worn three times and everyone has an opinion, but rarely knows about it, it is all the more important that someone puts on the brakes and shows how things can be done differently. So for us the sixth year in which we try to make life a little more sustainable. We definitely want to plant more trees (as we all know, Robin would love to go out into the field himself every time we plant a seedling) and grow as a consistently sustainable company.

Happy birthday - instead of plastic 

Standing still is not an option for us, because if you rest on your laurels, you're wearing them on the wrong part of your body. For our birthday this year there will be no special products, instead we throw a 3-day Birthday Weekend Sales promotion! Start is the Friday, October 21, 2022from 12 o'clock and end is on Sunday, October 23, 2022, at 11:59 pm. We have exclusive NIKIN Classic Combos for you and if you prefer to choose for yourself, you can use the code NIKIN-6YEARS for a 20% discount, applicable on the whole assortment (except the NIKIN Classic Combos). Happy Birthday!


How to celebrate 

The Product Development has rolled up its sleeves above the elbows, while the Marketing is popping the corks, the Events Team can hardly keep their feet under the table until the party. For the management sleepless weekends are a parade discipline, our customer support is on hand for everything, as always, while the Sales keeps the ups and downs under control and the HR is handing out high fives (or in the spirit of the birthday: six) to the team. We are in the mood to celebrate! But for now, we hope you enjoy browsing our online store or visiting our pop-up store in Aarau. We would be happy if one or the other piece of clothing "with the tree" finds a place in your closet.


In this sense: here's to the first and the next 6 years!  

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