Ice hockey, nature and community: NIKIN feat. Ambrì Piotta

Ice hockey, nature and community: NIKIN feat. Ambrì Piotta

There are partnerships that just feel right. A combination of community, passion and a pinch of predestination. This is exactly how NIKIN feels with our new partner, the Hockey Club Ambrì Piotta.

For the founders of NIKIN, Robin and Nicholas, the sport of field hockey has a special meaning. Both have swung the sticks themselves for years. Admittedly not on ice, but in the disciplines of floorball and street field hockey. So the request from the Ambrì Piotta Hockey Club, or Ambri for short, hit the mark with NIKIN. So the question was not whether, but how we form this "icy alliance".

Shooting for the conclusion of the partnership between NIKIN and Ambrì PiottaImage: NIKIN employees Ivan and Samu shooting with Ambrì striker Inti Pestoni.

Short Facts about Ambrì 

HC Ambrì Piotta is a Swiss ice hockey club from the village of Ambrì in the Swiss municipality of Quinto. It was founded in 1937 and plays in the National League. The club has 17 fan clubs in Switzerland and three more in Italy. 

Inti Pestoni at Ambrì Piotta Stadium
Image: Inti Pestoni in the Gottardo Arena before the shoot with NIKIN.

An underdog with heart 

Ambrì may be the underdog in Switzerland's top league, but that's what makes the club special. With more cows than inhabitants, the little town of Ambrì is not only geographically unique, but also in terms of fan love. Many Swiss have their favorite ice hockey teams, but if you ask about the second favorite, you will often hear the name Ambrì. The fact that Ambrì chooses a young, nature-loving brand like us as a partner already says a lot about their attitude.  

HC Ambrì Piotta fan articles in the fan store
Image: NIKIN products in the fan store of HC Ambrì Piotta.

Birds of a feather flock together 

For us, partnerships are not just about business, but rather about shared values. For NIKIN, community is at the heart of everything - just as it is for Ambrì. And learning that Ambrì also plants trees was the icing on our sundae. For NIKIN, the collaboration with Ambrì Piotta is a milestone.

We look forward to future projects together! Together we are committed to a better, greener world - on the ice and beyond - and invite you all to be part of this exciting journey. 

NIKIN x HC Ambrì Piotta
Image: We look forward to the future together! 
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