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Bikinis from plastic: get to know ECONYL® regenerated nylon better

Posted on July 20 2021

Model in rosa Bikini

NIKIN bikinis are made of ECONYL® fibre. The sustainable material for our swimwear is a recycled polyamide and comes from nylon waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth. In this interview, we learn more about the history of the yarn and the company Aquafil who stands behind it.

NIKIN: Giulio Bonazzi, president of Aquafil, says, " When I see a landfill, I see a goldmine." Why?
Aquafil: Because for us waste is a valuable raw material !

NIKIN: Since you reuse it for the ECONYL® regenerated nylon?
Aquafil: Exactly. ECONYL® nylon has the same quality as conventional nylon made from crude oil, but it is made from waste such as fishing nets, old carpets or fabric scraps. We produce the material in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


NIKIN: What is the intention behind producing a new recycled ingredient like ECONYL® fibre?
Aquafil: ECONYL® yarn is part of a bigger transformation process of ours business model from a linear approach to a circular one. We no longer want to be part of the process of "buy raw materials, use them and throw them away".

NIKIN: So it’s sustainable intentions?
Aquafil: Yes. We also believe this is the only way to prosper and keep up with the challenges of a rapidly changing market.

Model in grünem Bikini

NIKIN: What are the criteria for a fashion brand that wants to use ECONYL® regenerated nylon?
Aquafil: Sustainability. There are more and more companies like this. Currently, 2000 fashion brands and 60 carpet manufacturers use the material.

NIKIN: Will there be more of them in the future?
Aquafil: For any brand, small or large, it should be a priority to seek and use sustainable materials. Additionally, items should be designed for longevity and recycling. The future of the fashion industry is regenerating the old.


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