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The long way in the right direction

Posted on January 14 2018

"Of course I am interested in the future. I want to spend the rest of my life in it. "- Mark Twain

I'd like to start by quoting a quote that is as relevant and relevant today as it was when it was said, if not more importantly. The future. A complex term that makes people argue. What will the future bring, what is tomorrow, in one year, in a hundred years? Nobody knows. But everyone has their assumptions and plans. So too we, a young company from the beautiful Seetal.

Everything started just over a year ago. Two friends who wanted to create something new, invent something that did not exist before. The interplay of economic knowledge on the one hand and the artistic sense on the other hand led to the birth of the idea of the "NIKIN" brand and finally of the first product, the "Treeanie". Two simple people, hardly any financial resources, a golden idea. A treeanie is basically nothing more than a winter hat, but it has a unique side effect. For each tree is planted at selected locations around the world.

At first, the question arose: how and where should these treeanies be produced? A small company, without much capital or investors. After a long and elaborate research, the two founders finally decided on a comparatively fair and yet financially sustainable production in Asia - with the clear goal of shifting production closer to home as soon as possible. With initially "only" twenty copies per color of the three colors offered, they were completely overrun. The shelves were completely empty within a very short time.

The project appeals and runs. Soon it was clear that this rush can not be handled by the two alone. As a result of increasing interest more helpers were brought on board. NIKIN gained national popularity last year, was able to launch further products and, thanks to this upturn, has been proud to call itself a GmbH since the beginning of 2018.

NIKIN has grown and continues to grow, but the goals have remained the same: innovative products from fair production, from sustainable materials and accessible to everyone. Meanwhile, the necessary financial resources are available to achieve all these goals. The production, which was initially based in Asia for the most part, is moving more and more to our area. The new edition of the Treeanie is currently being produced in Poland and the new TreeHoodies in Turkey. In the future, NIKIN wants to break away from the traditional material polyacrylic, which makes the treeanies, and focus more on sustainable materials. We have dozens of alternative options, such as recycled yarn or polyester yarn made from collected marine waste.

NIKIN is curious about what the future holds - we do not know it yet. What is certain is that we continue to grow and make the most of our possibilities and want to carry on our message.


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