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The Circular Collection - our first 100% circular shirt!

At NIKIN, we believe in a greener future and consider sustainability as our mission. That is why we are powerful proud of it, finally our first 100% circular product, the TreeShirt Circular, to introduce. 

Circular fashion is a sustainable approach in which clothing and textiles are developed so that they can be reused or recycled at the end of their life cycle. Instead of disposable fashion that ends up in the trash after a short time, clothing is designed to last longer and conserve resources. 

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This can be achieved, for example, through the use of recycled materials or through design strategies that ensure that clothing can be repaired or reused more easily. Circular fashion is therefore an important step towards sustainability and an awareness of the need to protect our resources. 

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Forever Young: our TreeShirt Circular is immortal 

Our TreeShirt Circular is the first 100% circular NIKIN product - of course we are particularly proud of that. It is made of textile fibers that are recycled at the end of their life, is biodegradable and compostable. This means that it not only decomposes quickly and without harm to the environment, but can also become valuable compost.  

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When you've worn out the shirt, you can simply send it back to us to be broken down into its natural components through an industrial composting process. These are then reused as biogas, biomass, water and minerals.  

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Highest environmental standards - thanks to OceanSafe 

The TreeShirt Circular is not only 100% circular, but also Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold certified. This means that it was made using environmentally friendly materials and that all chemicals involved in the manufacturing process are nature friendly. Thanks to OceanSafe, we can use biodegradable synthetic textile fibers and yarns that fit perfectly with the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold approach. Our TreeShirts Circular are made from 100% naNea, a biodegradable polyester. The best part? NaNea not only saves water and reduces CO2 emissions, it also doesn't release toxic chemicals.

Image: Our TreeShirt Circular is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold certified.

Not garbage but compost 

OceanSafe requires certified brands like us to set up a take-back system when products reach the end of their useful life. In return, OceanSafe helps us gain access to industrial composting or fiber-to-fiber recycling facilities, so we can close the loop close the loop and our products don't end up in a garment waste pile. That's why we've developed a simple take-back process for you. You can find more information about it here.

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How to make your everyday life more sustainable 

Aside from our TreeShirt Circular, there are other ways to make your everyday life more eco-friendly.  

  1. We say it all the time: avoid disposable products like plastic bags, disposable bottles and disposable tableware.  

  2. Repair instead of throwing away. It's simple as that. 

  3. Thrift stores, flea markets and online platforms are great places to find used products. 

  4. Compost organic waste to turn it into valuable nutrients for your garden or plants. 

  5. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products to reduce the use of chemicals. 

  6. Last but not least, wear your existing clothes as long as possible. To promote longevity, environmentally friendly detergents help. 

            With the tips, but also with the Circular Collection, we want to encourage you to be part of a sustainable future - #treebytree 

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