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Earth Day 2019 - soon it's time again!

Gepostet am 16 April 2019

April 22 will be the day when Earth Day takes place all over the world. People on all continents stop, take time to think about the well-being of our planet, take part in actions that demand more attention for urgent problems. NIKIN also participates!

This year, together with our partner, OneTreePlanted, and many volunteers, we will plant about 5000-8000 trees in the US state of Colorado! We are very happy to be there and to give something back to the earth. We'll keep you up to date through social media!

 Earth Day 2019

What is Earth Day?
Earth Day was born out of a spontaneous student action, but quickly took off and was formalized at the 1969 Unesco Conference in San Francisco. Half a century of attention to the beauty of our planet - and the dangers that threaten it. Earth Day is formally recognized in 190 countries worldwide. Cities and communities, volunteer organizations and private individuals want to encourage more sustainability.

What is Earth Day supposed to achieve?
Earth Day takes place every year on 22 April. The most important concern is to wake people up and, above all, to point out the connections between the consumer behaviour of each individual and the overexploitation of nature. Earth Day should not only celebrate, it should demand!

What will be done on Earth Day?
Earth Day is best known for extinguishing the lights worldwide for one hour. But "Earth Day" is much more. Every year there are special focuses and events organized by volunteers all over the world. They draw attention to certain topics - this year to the threat to species ranging from small insects like bees to large mammals like giraffes in their uniqueness and irreplaceability.

Does it bring about something, the Day of the Earth?
Yes, absolutely. It sensitizes us to the problems and their urgency. Thanks to the Day of the Earth, more and more people are learning that even small actions and little attentiveness have an effect. Consume less water. Do not use plastic where possible. Leave the car parked more often. Rethinking one's own attitude towards consumption and its consequences. Earth Day wants to achieve all this. Worldwide.

Who is doing something?
Worldwide, countless volunteers are actively involved in making every single day on earth a memorable and thought-provoking day. Companies also take part. Our partner at NIKIN, One Tree Planted, gives volunteers the opportunity to plant trees for a whole morning - in selected plantations in North and South America, but also in Antalya in Turkey.

Earth Day: Just join in!
On Earth Day you don't have to shoulder the spade. Almost every one of us can do a dozen things in his immediate environment that help to preserve the treasures of our earth. Hence our request to you: Think about everything you take in your hands on Earth Day and ask yourself: what are the effects of this object? This food? This behavior? And: what can I personally do a little differently to mitigate these effects? You'll see - it's usually not a particular limitation. And everyone can help.

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