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With every order we donate 1 euro to the Red Cross to support those affected by the storms in Germany.

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A single tree does not make a forest, but every now and then it is the rest of a forest

Posted on November 18 2017

This was once said by German photographer Thomas Häntsch. Is not it really true when you think more closely? Far from our present, vast areas are exploited, forests cleared, and the greatest possible profit drawn from the whole business. It is tragic, because even here, in the immediate vicinity, the forests are becoming scarcer and nature is becoming ever more limited. Is this change to be avoided? Hardly, because society, we are all dependent on the versatile raw material wood. In addition, the forest has to give way to increasing deforestation and agriculture. Sure, wood is an organic resource that is constantly replenishing, but the excessive consumption of wood (like any overconsumption) brings the system, in this case our ecosystem, out of balance and, if it goes on like that, soon falls.

NIKIN wants to counteract this negative process and, albeit a small one, make our contribution to the reforestation of forests worldwide. That is why we are proud to share some of our profits from our treeanies and tree shirts with our partner organization OneTreePlanted, which is planting trees for us at several locations around the world. And the best thing about the whole thing is, you too can easily be there and participate with your personal contribution.


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. "Aleksej Andreevic Arakceev (1769 - 1834)

Author: Jeffrey Gnehm


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