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A day in the life of a tree planter

Posted on November 12 2018

A tree planter? Is that a real job?

In fact, there is, and we at NIKIN are extremely happy about it. Baumpflanzer are people who - full time or part-time - plant trees. How do you get to work as a tree planter? What does the work look like? What do these amazing people who replenish forests around the world have for everyday life?

We went into the matter and can tell a little bit about it.

How to become a tree planter?

Well, an apprenticeship is not that. Most planters have come into contact with the job through acquaintances or life partners at some point, because the companies that plant trees almost no longer hire "beginners". After a few days and weeks as a freshman, with aching bones and muscles and in the big "family" of colleagues, one eventually begins to love the work. Be outside. In the nature. Do something useful. However, there are many planters agree, the financial aspect must be kept in mind. For many, the first "season" is not worth it, beginners are just not quick enough to bring a tree into the ground. But from the second season, it pays off increasingly. Because, with all idealism, you have to be able to live on it.

Where do tree planters work?

In fact, there are forest reforestation activities around the world that are more or less extensive. Canada is doing well here, with extensive activities in, for example, British Columbia or the province of Ontario. Since the application areas are scattered globally, tree planters can be permanently employed - if they want it. However, many of them work seasonally for two to four months.

The everyday life of a tree planter

A normal working day for a tree planter starts very early - often at five o'clock. For the Canadian tree growers, this means getting up even in the spring and summer when the temperature is still cold. After an opulent two-hour buffet breakfast, it goes to the luxury bus ... stop, stop, that was now humor! The normal tree planter sees that he gets a breakfast and a coffee, because at six o'clock it's time to collect. Before you have to make sure you pack everything you need for the day, so water, lunch, sunscreen, rainwear, planting gloves ... here you have to get a routine. Because tree planters always work. No matter if it rains, hails, snows or the sun burns from the sky. Newcomers quickly learn how to tape their shoelaces so they do not have to tie the shoes over and over, and tap into their work gloves with tape. You also have to get used to the elements and the wildlife. The fact that you are usually accompanied by insects is completely normal, in some parts of the world the fauna is getting bigger - Canadian tree planters can expect to see curious brown bears over their shoulders.

Buses distribute emergency services to their posts in the morning. Most of them work groups of 30 - 40 tree planters, which are sold in teams of two. Together with the trees. Many trees. While beginners are already proud and happy when they put 100 trees a day into the ground, experienced growers do a lot more - 600 trees, for example.

A hard job for the environment

That one is tired in the evening, of course. Yet many tree planters - and these are people who work for a living, not out of idealism - feel that they are making an important contribution. That their work helps minimize environmental damage.

The most rewarding factor at work, however, is that you learn to master enormous challenges. The newcomers, who struggle with pain all over the body in the first few days, feel that they have proven themselves at the end of the season. Because it is a hard, difficult job that is carried out in any weather. A bone job. Those who stay love him. When they occasionally "go home" to the city, they miss the trees, the sounds of the wind in the branches, the immediacy of the weather and the harmony with nature. The feeling of being grounded.

A tree planter - an important, yet unknown job

Why should we plant more trees? Trees are important. They provide us with clean, oxygen-rich breathing air and give us and numerous animal species a natural habitat. Trees counteract soil erosion and the greenhouse effect. We leave trees to our children.

Experienced tree planters come to more than half a million planted trees in the course of their activity. Let us thank you for that!


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