Sustainable gifts: the guide

Sustainable Christmas gifts: 9 gift guides

Whether it's mom, dad, grandparents, your friends or your sweetheart, we have sustainable gift ideas for your whole family. Take a look at the gift guides now and get some inspiration and Christmas vibes.

Of course, the most sustainable thing would be to give nothing at all. Nevertheless, most people are happy to receive Christmas presents. That's why we've put together some sustainable gift ideas for anyone who wants to make their loved ones happy without forgetting nature:

  1. For your grandmother
  2. For your grandfather
  3. For your mom
  4. For your dad
  5. For you
  6. For Him
  7. For your bestie
  8. For your homie
  9. For the kids

Scroll down to get to the guide of your choice. PS: When you give NIKIN as a gift, you plant a tree at the same time. If you would like to dedicate it to the person receiving the gift, you can enter the name of the person on the item page under "Tree certificate" and we will enclose one with your gift.


1. gift ideas for Christmas: Grandma

Grandmas are the greatest! They took care of you when your parents needed a little time for themselves. That's why they deserve to do nothing at all for Christmas this year and relax with fluffy socks and a comfy scarf. If she still likes to be a bit more active, gifts for gardening are always a good idea - it's relaxing for the soul and good for nature at the same time! 

Sustainable Christmas gifts for grandma | NIKIN

2. gift ideas for Christmas: Grandpa

Grandads have also experienced a lot in their lives and are just as committed to their grandchildren - you - as grandmas are. So treat them to some time out where they can relax in a bathrobe or sit in front of a campfire with a warming treeanie. Because anecdotes are better told in the right atmosphere!

Sustainable Christmas gifts for granddad | NIKIN

3. gift ideas for Christmas: Mom

When was the last time you did something just with your mom? Whether it's just recently or a while ago, invite her out for a winter walk again and enjoy some quality time. Give her a comfy sweater, a fluffy scarf or a cozy headband so she doesn't get cold. 

Sustainable Christmas gifts for mom | NIKIN

4. gift ideas for Christmas: Dad

All dads like wine, don't they? Of course, there's also organic beer (like our NIKIN x Stadtwächter Forest Ale) or organic tea. You'll know better what to choose. Otherwise, you're definitely on the safe side with a sweater, a cap or a reusable bottle.

Sustainable Christmas gifts for dad | NIKIN

5. gift ideas for Christmas: for you

Spending time together is wonderful. Being out in nature is even better. So that nothing stands in the way of your next camping trip, snowshoe hike or trip to the city park, you need the right equipment: a hat and sweater protect you from cold temperatures and a flask keeps your warm drink nice and hot. And there's nothing better than a good coffee to start the day!

Sustainable Christmas gifts for her | NIKIN

6. gift ideas for Christmas: for him

He's cool, loves the outdoors and has an eye for beauty. A retro cam is the ideal gift that you can enjoy together. Thanks to a hat and neck warmer, you can also go on a subject hunt in winter. If he already has all this, he'll certainly be happy to receive a hoodie or a pair of new underpants - you can always use them.

Sustainable Christmas gifts for him | NIKIN

7. gift ideas for Christmas: Beast

Nothing works without music - at least for me. And it's even better live. Is it the same for you and your friends? If so, choose a concert and go to it with your besties! And to ensure that outdoor concerts, which are especially incredible in the wintry mountains, are also an option, you'll need warm socks, headbands and a warm drink.

Sustainable Christmas gifts for the bestie | NIKIN

8. gift ideas for Christmas: Homie

Hit the slopes with your best friend. We hope he likes it. If neither skiing nor snowboarding is an option, sledging can also be fun and bring back childhood memories. The sweater will keep him nice and warm outside and he can relax at home afterwards in the jogging bottoms and cap. Or into the après-ski...

Sustainable Christmas gifts for the homie | NIKIN

9. gift ideas for Christmas: Kids

The future world saviors and tree planters also need a bath once in a while when they spend all day having snowball fights and building snowmen (or snowwomen). The beanie keeps their heads nice and warm and the gym bag lets them carry snacks for in between. After the bath, it's soon time to open presents - at least at Christmas.

Sustainable Christmas gifts for kids | NIKIN

NIKIN gift cards - for the undecided

Are you unsure what the right gift is? But would you like to give your loved ones and nature the gift of NIKIN? Of course we also have Gift Cardsso that the person receiving the gift can choose the right NIKIN item themselves! A voucher like this is also a great last-minute gift if you have a lot on your plate in December. 
NIKIN gift card | voucher
NIKIN Physical Gift Card
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