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With every order we donate 1 euro to the Red Cross to support those affected by the storms in Germany.

🌲🌲 Only during Green Friday Weekend we plant 2 instead of 1 tree per product! 🌲🌲

Green Friday instead of Black Friday – double the positive impact

Posted on October 28 2020

NIKIN turns Black Friday into Green Friday just like the last years. Instead of participating in the discount battles, we prefer to double the positive impact on the environment – by planting two trees per product sold instead of one as usual. And this all the Green Friday weekend from Friday to Monday.

Green Friday Shirt

Double trees, double impact: On the Green Friday weekend, we plant two trees per product sold instead of one. This way we double the positive impact on nature instead of participating in the extreme price wars around Black Friday.

Double impact on the environment

Normally, we plant one tree for every product sold – on Green Friday weekends we even plant two. To give you an idea of the environmental impact that twice the number of trees can have, we present some calculation examples:

  • Oxygen: A small tree about 20 meters high produces about 10,000 liters of oxygen per day. This is enough for about five to ten people who need between 500 and 2,000 liters of oxygen per day. So if you buy a NIKIN product on Green Friday, your two planted trees could produce oxygen for up to 20 people.
  • Dust filter: Trees are not considered the green lungs of cities for nothing, because they filter particles and dust from the air via leaves or needles. One tree filters up to 100 kilograms of dust from the air each year. So your two NIKIN trees together could filter up to 200 kilograms per year.
  • CO2 storage: How much CO2 a tree binds depends on how old the tree is, its wood density and its growth rate, but also the soil quality, climate and water supply play a role. A rough example: A beech tree in our latitudes binds about 12.5 kilograms of CO2. In order to absorb one ton of CO2, the beech would have to become 80 years old - or two trees together 40 years old.
  • Animals: Trees are the home of various animal species. In addition to various insects, woodpeckers, martens, dormice, squirrels and bird species also live in the trees - depending on the country and climate zone, the inhabitants naturally differ. Researchers estimate that there are about as many animals per tree as there are inhabitants in a medium-sized city. So on Green Friday you can give a home to an enormous number of animals with your trees.

Symbolic products for Green Friday

To symbolically represent the double number of trees, we have embroidered two trees instead of one on a few products. But not only these products, but all NIKIN products sold, plant two trees instead of one on the Green-Friday weekend. You will find the products in our webshop from Black Friday (resp. Green Friday).

800'000 trees planted and every tree counts

Within four years, the NIKIN community has planted about 800,000 trees. This means that we have already been able to achieve an enormous positive impact on our environment. But we are convinced that every tree counts and therefore we plant "tree by tree". Also on Green Friday we are happy about every order and every pair of planted trees. By the way, there are no additional costs for our customers due to the double number of trees. The selling price of our products remains the same, we simply donate twice as much money to our planting partner OneTreePlanted. Further information about tree planting can be found here.


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