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Halloween costume: Zero Waste and affordable

Posted on October 15 2020

Are you looking for the perfect Halloween costume for you or your kids? Halloween costumes don't always have to be elaborate, expensive and involve a lot of waste. We'll show you step by step how to make a Halloween costume with just a few simple steps.

Haarreifen mit Blätter

It is nearly time: Halloween is just around the corner. And with it the question of the perfect Halloween costume. After all, this creepy night should also be spent in the right outfit. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on your costume, don't want to produce any garbage and want to attract attention with special creativity, you've come to the right place.

With very little to the Halloween costume

Whether you are looking for a sustainable Halloween costume for yourself or your kids, we will provide you with inspiration. We will show you ideas for a disguise as tree monsters and as tree-princess or tree-prince. For both costumes you need materials from nature. So the best part of making Halloween costumes is collecting the material – which can be combined perfectly with a nice autumn walk.

Creepy Halloween costume: the tree monster

Kostüm Baum-Monster

We love trees: They provide us with air to breathe, they are home to many animals and the basis of life for people all over the world. But imagine there was a tree monster. It would live in the treetops high above our heads, it would swing from branch to branch and frighten all people who approach it. Because it camouflages itself with leaves, it is hardly recognizable – and it is happy about every frightened face. This is the tree monster, and you or your children can turn into one on Halloween. 

What you need

  • 1 old T-Shirt
  • safety pins
  • collected leaves



Step 1

Search the forest for leaves in different colors. Sort the collected leaves by size and form a row starting with the largest leaf and ending with the smallest. To fix the leaves together, we recommend to weave the leaf stems. The principle of braiding is similar to that of the wreath of flowers. But you do not close the end. The length of such a leaf garland should be as long as your T-shirt. We recommend to weave between one and four such garlands of leaves.

Step 2

Now put the leaf garlands on the shirt as you like it best. To attach them to the shirt, use safety pins. One on the upper, lower and middle part of the garland of leaves. This is the best way to attach them. Arrange your garlands of leaves as you like. The Halloween costume is ready. Please put it on carefully so you don't hurt yourself with the safety pins.


Halloween costume for dreaming: the tree princess or the tree prince


Trees have something calming, something contemplative, almost magical about them. No wonder that tree princesses and tree princes prefer to romp around in trees. They chirp lovely songs together with the birds, sunbathe on the branches of the highest trees and watch the people walking under the trees. And now and then – very rarely – they glide down from their trees, look at the world and are only recognizable by their tree crown. You could feel like this on Halloween. We show you how to become a tree-princess or tree-prince.

What you need

  • 1 old hairband
  • 1 Scissors
  • Color (if you want to be even more creative)  
  • Nylon wire or string
  • Glue
  • Textile Tape
  • picked up branches
  • collected leaves
  • picked up acorns



Step 1

Collect branches, leaves and oaks. Place the branches left and right around the hairband as you like them best. Fasten them with a nylon wire or string.

Schritt 2 

Put the leaves left and right between the branches, it is recommended to do it with the big ones and decorate with the small leaves upwards. The leaves can be fixed with nylon wire, string or glue.

Step 3

The collected acorns should be well attached to the hair bands or leaves with an adhesive.

Step 4

For a more comfortable wearing of the crown, it is recommended to wrap the branches and the hair band with a textile band on the left and on the right side, so that the cords and nylon wires are not visible and wearing the crown becomes more comfortable. If you like, you can decorate the tree crown with color.
This is how quickly you become a tree prince or tree princess.


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