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#HugATreeChallenge – Help to plant 100,000 trees!

Gepostet am 19 Mai 2019

It has never been so easier to plant a tree and do something good for our planet. We start the #HugATreeChallenge and want to plant 100'000 trees with your help. Join us, spread the message and make a big difference!

You, any tree, a photo, a post, a hashtag – and a tree will be planted! Go out, take a photo of yourself hugging a tree, upload it to Instagram and put the official hashtag  #HugATreeChallenge below it.

For every single post with that hashtag one tree will be planted, as always, in a place where it has disappeared for various reasons and is urgently needed. As always, we work together with our partner OneTreePlanted ( @onetreeplanted,, who takes care of the tree planting for us. Learn more about tree planting here.

Nominate and motivate your friends to do the same to spread the message and above all, to plant many more trees! Visit the official  #HugATreeChallenge website to get all the information you need about the challenge, as well an overview of the number of trees already planted by the challenge!

If your profile is private, unfortunately you forbid us to count your post and have a tree planted for it... Also follow the official  #HugATreeChallenge Instagram channel @hugatree_challenge, where posts of the community are regularly shared and reposted.

With our community we want to reach a big goal – to plant 100'000 trees – and make the  #HugATreeChallenge initiated by NIKIN the most sustainable social media challenge ever! This challenge is about more than just the individual tree – it's about initiating a movement with a good purpose to draw attention to reforestation and motivate people to a more sustainable lifestyle.

So go out into nature, hug a tree and become part of the  #HugATreeChallenge !

Official hashtag: #HugATreeChallenge

Official Instagram: @hugatree_challenge

Official website:

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