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Ideas for the autumn – in your own four walls

Posted on October 02 2020

Cold and rainy months are approaching. Autumn is here and after the long summer invites you to decelerate your life a bit and also to enjoy the time in your own four walls. – Reading time: 4 minutes 

Rainy Window

Autumn has officially arrived, and with it comes the time to say goodbye to many summer activities. This year is all the more drastic because Corona has forced us to move many activities outside to make it possible. When the weather was fine, this was of course no problem, but now that the cold months are coming, people want to be able to enjoy themselves indoors as well.

Social gatherings with friends, parties, cultural events, sports and games are now possible and safe outside – always with the appropriate distance. Now that autumn is here, this inevitably means that many outdoor events will be shut down for the time being. But that's no reason to despair, because there are a lot of things that you can easily do within your own four walls. Of course, it depends a bit on whether you live alone or in a relationship or family.

The challenge of entertaining kids

After all, they are going back to school, hopefully without further interruptions. But events at the sports club, children's birthdays or cinema are not yet as they were before Corona – or in the summer. Creativity is called for, because the children should not end up in front of the TV. Neither should their parents...

Fortunately, there are many things that families can do together – and everything is fun!

  • Shopping and cooking together – and as healthy as possible. As it is now autumn, this can include making jams or preserves yourself. Tastes better than bought and makes for good spirits on rainy weekends.
  • Board games – offline. Of course, everyone has their tablet or smartphone. But it's easy to forget how much fun you have playing puzzles, card games or Monopoly. Chess is recommended for the more demanding.
  • Drawing or crafting together is not only something for parents with small children. Older children can learn to knit or embroider, try their hand at making small, homemade gifts and even create their own designs on the computer.
  • Singing and making music – an all-time classic that cannot be replaced by playing MP3s. Good mood guaranteed.


Board Games

Ideas for couples

  • If you are newly in love, you are probably looking forward to autumn, because where is it cosier than in your own four walls as a couple? Couples who have been together for a long time and were used to a varied social life and professional commitment now have to get by with less friends – and more home office. Seeing the other person constantly can be detrimental to mutual attraction. That's why it's particularly important:
  • Creating freedom and also doing something on your own.
  • Consciously organise your free time instead of hanging out in front of the television.
  • Going for walks together.
  • Watching selected films together (including talking about them afterwards).
  • Start a project together: How about learning a language or polishing it up? Autumn certainly offers enough dull days for private conversation classes.
  • For adults, too, board games or parlour games are an exciting or even fun way to spend a nice evening together – and for the more adventurous there are also erotic versions that can bring a breath of fresh air to long-term relationships.

Who is alone now...

... that is no problem! Being alone also has its advantages, because as a single person you are free and you decide on your own time. Among the many possibilities, which you can also implement in your own four walls, are:

  • Wellness afternoons or evenings at home, with chic bath additives, peeling and soothing face mask (for once no protective mask) and a glass of Prosecco on the edge of the tub.
  • Finally, read all the books that have been waiting for months... or discover new, exciting authors.
  • Plan your own activities – even in Corona-autumn you will find one or the other thing worth seeing in the surrounding area.
  • Integrate workouts at home firmly into your daily routine.
  • Don't gobble up frozen pizzas in front of the TV but cook healthy meals from fresh ingredients.
  • Doing handicrafts, decorating, making the home a little different and interesting.

 Cosy Bathtub

There is enough to do – let's go!

Even in autumn you can do all kinds of things to make your own four walls beautiful and interesting. The gradual fading away of the summer activities need not be a disadvantage – a little peace and quiet and reflection might be good for us right now. Time to think about where the journey should go. With your own life, both professionally and privately. 

We at NIKIN want to inspire our community with tips and tricks in everyday life. Autumn and winter are on their way, especially with the Corona-related restrictions, we are forced to spend our free time in our own four walls. The coming months will certainly bring cooler and rainy weather again – that's why our tips and tricks are intended to help our community to feel as comfortable as possible even in autumn.


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