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You stay at home with your children – we bring the forest to you!

Posted on March 24 2020

No school, no kindergarten, no meeting friends, not even outdoors or in the forest. Keeping children busy during this time turns out to be a real challenge. We at NIKIN have an alternative for all children and parents who have to stay at home: We bring the forest to your home.

Malvorlagen Kinder

While there are parents who currently have time for their children all day, others are faced with the challenge of continuing to take care of their day-to-day business working from home while keeping an eye on their children. And that without losing their nerves. It is not uncommon for everyday life to be turned upside down for some families. Especially now, when children have to avoid meeting friends outside, a multitude of ideas is needed in the entertainment program. We have put together some alternatives for all parents and children, which can also be done at home and are fun to do.

Contest: Show us your most beautiful forest


Download templates now

One of the most beautiful things that you can do as a child is to discover the world with friends, to go into the forest and search for little treasures. In order for your children not to have to give up the forest completely during this time, we instead bring the forest to your home. We have drawn up three drawing templates so that your children can colour and decorate them as they please – including animals, flowers and even tree planters. The best thing about it: We will choose the most beautiful forest and give away three Treeanies for Kids of your choice and a voucher for 50 Euros among all entries.

Here's how it works:

  • Print out the drawing template of your choice and have your kids color in the drawing
  • Take a picture of the drawing
  • Post the photo of the drawing on Instagram or do an Instagram Story
  • Markiere @nikinclothing auf dem Post
  • Tag @nikinclothing on the post If you do not have Instagram, just send the photos of the drawings to:
  • All participants between 1 - 10 years may participate
  • The deadline for participation is the 29th of April 2020
  • The three winners will receive a Treeanie Kids of their choice and a voucher for 50 Euros


Snakes and Ladders game


Download template in A4 oder Download template in A3

Is there anything better than organising cosy game evenings together? If you are isolated as a whole family, you can for example try our funny forest Snake and Ladders game. All you need is our printed template, a dice, game pieces (which can also be stones, buttons or colourful M&Ms) and you're ready to go. Whoever wins can then decide what to do next on the idea list.

Organizes a fashion show and sort out

Parting with old things has never been as pleasing as it was in spring. Just in time for the first warm days, many people feel the annual urge to clean up in spring. This also includes clearing out the wardrobe. Use this time to combine the sorting out with a fashion show – the crazier the combination of clothes, the better. In the end, it's probably much easier to say goodbye to the old sweater or torn jeans.

And for those who find it difficult to part with beloved clothes that have already been worn out, sorting boxes are a great help. Set up three large boxes and separate clothes that you want to keep, clothes that belong in the trash and clothes that you want to donate.

Make presents and draw for the grandparents

Just as for children and parents, all grandparents are faced with great challenges: For they are not allowed to have any contact with their grandchildren until further notice. But they in particular would certainly be pleased to receive attention from their families. Let the children make or draw something for them – for example with one of our drawing templates. These can easily be sent by mail and as a small gift are a reminder for all those old people who feel lonely at the moment due to their limited mobility and miss their families.

Grandparents who own smartphones that can play videos will certainly also be delighted to receive a rehearsed play that their grandchildren will perform and film for them. This way, grandparents can also take part in the family fun - even if only digitally at the moment.

Cooking and baking together

Structure is particularly important – not only for parents who have to work at home and manage their busy schedules. Children also benefit when they know that even without school or kindergarten there are things that need to be scheduled. To ensure that at least the cooking goes smoothly and there are no differences of opinion about what to have for lunch, you can make a cooking week plan with your children. Write down who is responsible for what and when. While smaller children can, for example, do the serving of the plates and dishes, older children can prepare entire menus. This way, everyone knows what their task is, which in the end makes the whole cooking process faster.

Another way to use the kitchen together as a family is to bake cookies or other treats. After all, it is not only fun during the Christmas season. Try out new delicious recipes together and then eat them together during movie nights.

Building huts and adventure corners

Who said that you have to go outside for camping? There are no limits to creativity, because with a few blankets, boxes, umbrellas and a lot of imagination, the children's room can be transformed in no time into a loving hut landscape that invites you to play, a camping site for home or a hiding place that only the smallest members of the family have access to. What is brought into the hiding place is left up to the children: books, games, dolls, stuffed animals or even the homemade cookies.

Sowing seeds and watching the plants grow

If you have a garden or balcony, you can use the sunny spring days to remove the dirt of winter and plant the first seeds in pots. These can also be decorated with colours and written on them, so that you can keep track of the plants while observing them. Anyway, gardening can be done much better and faster as a family than alone. Removing weeds, cleaning the garden furniture, mowing the lawn, collecting beautiful stones, arranging pots and getting everything in shape – working together as a family will leave you with more time to enjoy the spring sunshine.

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