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India 2022: fruit trees to fight hunger

This month, we are already switching to the next One Tree Planted project and will now have one tree planted in India for every product sold. In addition, all donations from the "Run For Trees" campaign will also go to this project.

Trees against hunger

This project supports marginalized Indian communities in the states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Odisha and West Bengal that are at risk of acute famine. The goal is to plant approximately 2.5 million fruit trees for smallholder farmers, which will help create sustainable livelihoods and provide nutritious food to local families and communities. It will also improve incomes while combating pollution, conserving water and minimizing soil erosion.

Local nurseries

Our tree planting partner One Tree Planted and their local partners have already planted over 3.5 million fruit trees across India since 2017. In addition, local nurseries have been established with One Tree Planted's help since 2021. Local nurseries have the advantage of reducing the transport of seedlings and improving the quality of the seedlings, as they are adapted to local conditions.

Benefits for the community

These nurseries employ local labor, which brings additional social benefits to the communities. This is because in three years after planting, each fruit tree will contribute to additional income and nutrition of an average of US$10 per tree per year, leading to a significant reduction in hunger, malnutrition and poverty in the villages and communities where these trees are planted.

Do you have the TreeTracker on our website before? There you can enter your order number and see where your trees will be planted.

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