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Millionth NIKIN tree is located in Lenzburg

Posted on January 26 2021

NIKIN has already planted a whole million trees. To celebrate this milestone, NIKIN adopted an approximately 100-year-old beech tree. It symbolises one million trees planted around the world.

Einweihung des millionsten Baumes


One million trees: an incredible number. To celebrate this milestone, NIKIN adopted an impressive, mighty beech tree at Fünfweiher in Lenzburg. It symbolises one million trees around the world.

Inauguration with a few people

«We are proud and grateful to be able to inaugurate the millionth tree today», said Robin Gnehm in front of the mighty beech. Only the two founders and two NIKIN employees equipped with cameras were allowed to participate in this moment. This way, on the one hand, the Corona measures could be observed and, on the other hand, this special occasion could be recorded for the other employees and the NIKIN community. The two founders ceremoniously opened the gift ribbon in which the NIKIN tree was wrapped. In addition, next to the tree, directly on the side of the path, there is now also a signboard on each side, labelling the millionth tree. Nicholas Hänny and Robin Gnehm were invited to put up this sign as well.

Die beiden Gründer mit dem Schild

Interesting talk show guests

Such a big milestone should actually be celebrated – with a huge party, with all NIKIN employees and the entire community. Actually. Because the Corona measures did not allow this. In order to provide the NIKIN community with exciting insights into the world of trees, forests and NIKIN, we held TreeTalks. We invited guests to take a seat on our sofa – outside and at a distance, of course – and to discuss with us. Three interesting TreeTalks were held with the following guests:
  • Nicholas Hänny and Robin Gnehm: They cannot be missing when it comes to the inauguration of the millionth NIKIN tree, the two NIKIN founders. On the sofa, they talk about how it all began, how they felt about this special moment of the millionth tree and they let themselves be tested. Since the idea for NIKIN was born in a pub, they fought a duel in a pub quiz that revolved around tree-related questions.
  • Matthias Ott: The head forester of the Lenzia forestry services chose the millionth tree with us. In the TreeTalk he answered questions about forests, their function and also explained why it is not the best idea to fly to Mallorca for a weekend.
  • Florian Landolt: The Head of Communication and Policy of WaldSchweiz gave us an exciting insight into the activities of forest owners, the forest etiquette that must be observed in Switzerland and told us how to buy a section of forest.

Biggest milestone in NIKIN history

Since its foundation in 2016 has planted one tree for every product sold. Around four and a half years after the first, the millionth tree was planted – or in this case adopted. One million trees – a number so large that it is hardly tangible. For comparison: one million trees cover an area of approximately 81 km2. The city of Zurich has an area of 88km2. So NIKIN has covered almost the entire city of Zurich with trees – figuratively speaking, of course. Or to put it another way: one million trees cover an area of 11,345 football pitches.



Millions more trees to follow

«This is just the beginning of a wonderful story» is written on the sign in front of the NIKIN tree in Lenzburg. NIKIN continues to plant tree by tree. «Of course we hope that we can plant two, three, four or more million more trees», says Nicholas Hänny at the inauguration. When asked about the next big NIKIN projects, the two founders are beaming from ear to ear – this is clearly visible even when wearing masks. NIKIN shoes are being planned, they reveal, so that in future they can be dressed from head to toe in NIKIN products. And the shop-café, a mixture between a NIKIN shop and a café, is also one of the NIKIN projects in 2021. So NIKIN will certainly not be bored.


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