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New Year's resolutions 2024 from the NIKIN team

Arrived safely in 2024? Fresh and rested for small and large projects? Made resolutions for the new year? Wonderful! - So is the NIKIN team. After we have this blog have taken a look back at an eventful 2023, it is now time to look ahead to 2024.

For many people, the turn of the year means more than just changing a number on the calendar. New Year can be an opportunity to shed old habits and disruptive everyday structures or to cultivate a new mindset. These intentions are often expressed in the form of New Year's resolutions and shared with those around you. We therefore asked NIKIN employees what their personal resolutions are for 2024.

"Doing more sport and eating healthier are my annual resolutions, as they are every year."
- Nicholas -

"Spend more time in the mountains! I love snowboarding and mountain biking in the mountains. That's why I've resolved to do more home office work in the mountains and to go for a run or a short tour more often at lunchtime or after work. If there is fresh snow, I would also like to postpone non-urgent meetings at short notice to take advantage of it."
- Robin -

NIKIN Blog | Skiing in fresh snow in snow-covered mountains
Whether skiing or snowboarding - a day in fresh snow always recharges the batteries! Photo: Maxime Burri / @maxime.burri

"My New Year resolution: To set fewer goals. I noticed that I set myself goals to everything I do, which in turn leads to expectations. Where there are expectations, there is also disappointment. So, I will stop setting goals at things that are meant to be fun."
- Miha -

"I would like to capture the beautiful moments in everyday life more often and enjoy them."
- Samira -

NIKIN Blog | Taking time out to watch the stars
Admiring the starry sky is one of many ways to take pleasure in small things.

"I want to have more fun in the course of a normal day and meditate every morning again."
- Jasmina-

"My goals for the new year are: to work through my "to be read" list and finally read through the pile of books at home, plan more time for self-reflection and incorporate more moments for relaxation and recreation into everyday life."
- Lisa -

New Year's resolution to read more | NIKIN
Reading offers a welcome opportunity for relaxation in everyday life.

"I have resolved to bring more calm into my life and make more time for spontaneous things. "
- Nora -

"Last year, I realized that I feel most at home when I'm doing anything in nature - whether it's camping in a tent, road trips in a van, hiking or surfing. That's why I've resolved to escape the city more often in 2024 and immerse myself in nature. On the one hand, I want to make more time for this in my everyday life, but on the other hand, I also want to take long weekends in the mountains or by the sea more often."
- Joel -

NIKIN Blog | Camping in the mountains 2024
Such enchanting sunrises can only be seen when camping in the mountains.

As NIKIN Community , we will continue to strive to make the world a greener place in the new year. On the one hand, we will of course continue to plant a tree for every product sold, and on the other hand we want to focus more on the power of NIKIN Community . We will continue to organize joint events in 2024, laugh together and do good for nature and hopefully celebrate the next big milestone of 3 million trees with you soon! Together we will continue to make the world greener in 2024 - #treebytree.

We wish you (a little late) a Happy New Year 2024 and send you tree-filled New Year greetings. What are your New Year's resolutions? Let us know in the comments!

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