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Plogging: Jogging and collecting garbage with the new fitness trend from Sweden

Gepostet am 28 Februar 2020

Spring is approaching and lures people out into the fresh air again to recharge their batteries with sunshine and new energy. Do you also go jogging regularly? Then why not combine physical cleaning with cleaning your environment – plogging instead of just jogging!


Plogged already today? Not yet? Then it is about time. The fact that running is healthy is well known by now. Enthusiastic joggers have now found a way to do something for the environment at the same time as their hobby. The new trend from Scandinavia combines jogging with "plocka", or "picking" in English.

What is plogging anyway?

While plogging everything that does not belong in the environment is picked, or rather collected. During plogging, groups of environmentally conscious runners, equipped with gloves and garbage bags, swarm out and clean parks, forests, but also urban areas from garbage along their running routes. This is then disposed of in the appropriate waste containers for recycling.

Is this even sport?! Sure it is!

Running through the forest with a garbage bag takes some getting used to at first, but it has many advantages. The activity is physically demanding and less one-sided than pure jogging. It also raises awareness of the condition of local recreational areas and green spaces. Instead of simply rushing by, plogging makes you aware of where action is needed. Especially in groups, the flashing garbage collectors are not only effective but also very fast – and they attract attention.

Plogging encourages participation

Especially where plogging is still a new phenomenon, some people stop, wonder – and possibly join in. Because where groups set a good example, imitators are easy to find. A win-win situation. Plogging is therefore becoming increasingly popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a combination of sport, environmental commitment and social activity. 


Using social media – for the environment

The movement owes this mainly to the fact that there is even a special app for it: with "Lifesum", ploggers can share their successes in before-and-after views. This not only trains new muscle groups, but also draws attention to how much action is needed here. For many ploggers it is only a small step from waste disposal to waste avoidance.

Sweden is also making progress here. Several hundred plogging events have already taken place throughout the country, and enthusiastic imitators can be found all over the world. Not only in Europe, but also in Costa Rica, Thailand and in African countries plogging is taking place.

NIKIN thinks plogging is cool

Although we at NIKIN are primarily concerned with sustainable materials in the fashion industry and fight against global deforestation, it is important to think sustainably in other areas of life as well. We want to motivate people to rethink their lifestyle and possibly make it more sustainable. Plogging is a recent phenomenon from Sweden, where joggers collect waste during their rounds of running. A sporting activity that benefits both people and the environment. And when will you join in?

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