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Polylana® – new fibre for our winter hats

Posted on October 08 2020

For years we have been tinkering with the material for our winter hats, the treeanies, doing tests, talking to manufacturers and always trying out new approaches. Now we have found a suitable material: Our new Treeanies are made of Polylana® . But what is Polylana® ?

Kind mit Treeanie aus Polylana

The new Treeanies are made of Polylana® .

Treeanies were the first products ever launched by NIKIN. And since the first delivery we have been searching for the optimal material. It should be fluffy, durable and vegan. As early as 2018 we  reported on our high demands on the Treeanie material. With Polylana® we have now found a material that meets all our criteria.

Polyester and recycled PET

Polylana® is a sustainable synthetic fibre. The fibre consists of polyester pellets and recycled PET chips. Polylana can be combined with various other materials for optimal use. For our Treeanies we use a mixture of Polylana and cotton because it is best suited for beanies.

Polylana® saves resources

In contrast to acrylic, Polylana® consumes significantly fewer resources. This is one of the main reasons why the new Treeanies are made of Polylana. The most important facts at a glance:

  • 76% less energy consumption
  • 85% less water consumption
  • 76% less waste
  • 19% less CO2
  • 32% less microfibres emitted
  • Polylana is 100% recyclable

Less waste

In addition to the new material, the cut of the ribbed treeanies also changes. These treeanies are now made from one piece without producing any cutting waste. In this way we try to do our part to reduce waste.

Long search for a suitable material

For about three years, the NIKIN product team has intensively researched for a new material. In our search for an alternative we have tested the following materials:

  • Recycled Jeans: Unfortunately, the Treeanies made from recycled jeans lost their shape too quickly and did not keep the ears warm enough. In addition, the processing was extremely difficult.
  • Recycled polyester mixed with cotton: This mixture worked a little better than recycled jeans material, but still didn't meet our requirements. These treeanies also lost their shape too quickly.
  • Bamboo Viscose: This test was very promising at the beginning, but in the end the material did not meet our requirements. The Treeanies were comfortable to wear and very warm, but already after the first wearing, they lost their shape.

Soon all treeanies out of Polylana®

Up to now, NIKIN has offered treeanies made of acrylic as well as of recycled cotton and recycled PET material. To throw these products away now would not be sustainable. Therefore they will remain available in our online shop until they are sold out. However, they will not be reordered. Accordingly, only treeanies made of Polylana® will be available in the future. The new Treeanies consist of a mixture of Polylana® , cotton and, depending on the colour, a small amount of acrylic.



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