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The highlights of the NIKIN Skate Contest 2018 at a glance.

Posted on September 10 2018

On late summer Sunday afternoon, September 9, 2018, the skate contest organized by NIKIN takes place for the first time. From 11 clock can be registered for the contest, but long before the first skaters are already warming up and curves and jump on the skateboard system, which was set up about five years ago under the A1 motorway bridge.

Slowly all the preparations have been completed, the DJ console installed, the NIKIN shop set up, the sausages on the grill and soon the area fills more and more with onlookers watching the funky beats of the two DJs Chuck Boris and Mario make the upcoming first run hot.

The DJs Chuck Boris and Mario provide with hot tunes for great atmosphere.

Just in time at 1 pm, Speaker Mattia, who leads the approximately 40 skaters and the numerous spectators through the contest, rings the start of the first of two runs. Each skater receives exactly one minute to show his skills in the park and to convince the three-member jury, John, Ralph and Bruce. The free participation offers the public a large field of different age groups and Skatetypen, which compete with each other and make the contest all the more attractive. Everything is represented by 11 to 30-year-olds and skateboarders from German to Western Switzerland and therefore ensures a varied competition and a great atmosphere among all participants. Fortunately, numerous skaters from the NIKIN Teamriders are also represented. Only the surprisingly hot September sun gives something to create, but with a lot to drink and a shady spot, the contest can still be enjoyed to the fullest.

From young to old - the diversity makes the competition extremely exciting.

After the first two runs, which have already offered quite a bit of spectacle and a short break, the skaters qualified for the finals prepare for their final rounds at 45 o'clock each at 45 seconds each. In the sweltering heat, the TreeCaps in the shop are very high in the offer and thirst and hunger make sure that the grill and fridge are running at full speed.

The final rounds once again mark a tough competition between the finalists, but four of them stand out and can win the jury and finally win the first NIKIN skate contest in Lenzburg, Aargau. Third place goes to 16-year-old Noel Schärer, second place is shared by Martin Rechtsteiner and Lucas Bigün, and firstly we cordially congratulate Lino Häfeli from Aarau, who astonishes the spectators with an incredible leap over the Park fences brings. Lucas Bigün decides the "best trick" with a "trick Fakie Cab Flip" for himself.

The winners of the NIKIN Skate Contest 2018 v.l.n.r. Noel Schärer, Lino Häfeli, Lucas Bigün and Martin Rechtsteiner together with Speaker Mattia Zehnder.

The first NIKIN skate contest was a huge success and made everyone happy. A lot of passion, action and good mood made this day special. We would like to thank all the tireless helpers, all spectators, who found their way to Lenzburg in spite of Badiwetter and of course the numerous skaters, without whom the realization of the contest would not have been possible.

We are already looking forward to the NIKIN skate contest coming to the second round next year at the same time and at the same place and hoping that we may welcome some skaters. ;-)

The final ranking of all participants at the NIKIN Skate-Contest 2018 in Lenzburg:


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