NIKIN | Tree planting project in Argentina in January 2024

Our tree planting project in January: Argentina

Together with our community and One Tree Planted, we are committed to monthly tree planting projects around the world. In January, we are supporting a reforestation project in the Sierras Grandes de Córdoba in Argentina. You can find out more about this project in this blog.

A project with many ecological benefits

The region of the Sierras Grandes de Córdoba suffers from the effects of fires, erosion and livestock farming. The focus of this project is on the reforestation of these parched and barren areas. On the one hand, we want to make the soil more resilient and restore habitats for flora and fauna. At the same time, we want to increase the amount of water in the surrounding rivers. The Polylepis trees are also highly resistant to fire and promote moisture, creating evergreen areas. This greening contributes to the binding ofCO2 and local cooling.

NIKIN | Tree planting project in Argentina in January 2024
Image: Such green spaces are conserved and expanded.

Five project groups

Our project is divided into five groups. First, suitable areas are identified, around which a second group then builds cattle fences to protect the future seedlings and the general flora. The third group first collects Polylepis seeds in the region, which they then raise in their own tree nursery and hand over to the next group for planting. The fifth group is responsible for regularly checking the cattle fences and scientifically measuring the impact of the project.

NIKIN | Tree planting project in Argentina in January 2024
Picture: The collected seeds are grown by hand.

Community participation and local impact 

As always, close cooperation with the local community is central to this project. The five groups are formed by people from the local community. Thanks to the various tasks, this project enables the participation of people with a wide range of interests and practical backgrounds. The project therefore not only improves the quality of life of the people in the Pampa de Achala area through its ecological impact, but also creates also local jobs. The latter also increases the economic attractiveness of the region.

NIKIN | Tree planting project in Argentina in January 2024
Image: Central building block: the local community.

Together for a greener world

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond planting trees. We believe in the power of community and that together we can make the world a better place. Would you like to get involved too? For every NIKIN product you buy, we plant a tree. Together we make the world greener - #treebytree!

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