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Our tree planting project in November: Honduras

Together with our community and our partner One Tree Planted, we are committed to tree planting campaigns around the world. In November, we're supporting a tree planting project in Honduras. Learn why the actions are so important and what you can do in this blog.

Honduras suffers from one of the world's highest rates of deforestation, leading to water scarcity, soil loss and flooding. In November 2023, NIKIN is partnering with One Tree Planted to pursue a goal of reforesting 4,000 hectares of land. In doing so, we aim to work with the local community not only to restore ecological diversity in the affected regions, but also to strengthen the regional economy. This is done by planting high-quality wood species and agricultural goods such as coffee and cacao.

A boy helps with the planting.
Image: A boy helps with planting.

Reforestation as a social project

We work closely with the local community to plant and maintain mixed forests of native tree species and monitor them over the coming years. This not only creates jobs, but also improves the quality of life locally.

Proud faces after planting
Image: Proud faces next to a planted seedling.

Sustainability through education

Our project in Honduras focuses not only on the gradual revitalization of the ecosystem, but also on community empowerment. In addition to promoting biodiversity and regional food security, it also aims to educate the local population. Through training in the field of the environment, the community should benefit sustainably from this project. 

The local community is being trained.
Image: Part of the local community at a training session.


Our commitment to the environment goes beyond supporting reforestation projects. We believe in the power of community and that together we can make the world a better place. Want to get involved too? Visit our website to learn more about our projects and find out how you can help. Together, we're making the world a greener place - #treebytree!

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