Our tree planting project in Peru

Our tree planting project in Peru

"Tree by Tree", that is our promise as well as the way we make a difference with NIKIN. Together with One Tree Planted and our community, we are committed to various tree planting projects. In October, we support the reforestation of a forest in Peru.

Peru is the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina. Nature is very diverse and varied - but highly endangered. With our current tree planting project we support the forest areas of the province Puerto Inca. The project aims to restore the soils and forest by planting them partly with long-life crops and partly with native cacao.

Our partner One Tree Planted will constantly document and evaluate the development and growth. For this purpose, so-called Permanent Monitoring Plots (PPM) will be established two months after planting to monitor plant survival and replace dead plants.

The reforestation will allow the restoration of 120 hectares of forest deforested by shifting cultivation and livestock. In the primary forests of the area there are about 500 species of trees and 15 species of palms, including about 40 different valuable woods. As for wildlife, there are over 600 vertebrate species in the area whose habitat is currently threatened.

Our tree planting project also benefits the community. By employing 2,600 workers throughout the project, from seedling production to planting in the final field, the community's economy is boosted. Capacity is strengthened through training workshops involving women and young people. Furthermore, from the third year onwards, cocoa cultivation allows for a permanent source of income.

Have you tried the TreeTracker on our website? There you can enter your order number and see where your trees will be planted.

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