Our tree planting project from July to September: Restoring the southwest coast of Guatemala

Our tree planting project from July to September: Restoring the southwest coast of Guatemala

Together with our community, we are committed to tree planting projects around the world. With the restoration of the southwest coast of Guatemala and the reforestation of over 63,000 mangroves and deciduous tree species, this time we are supporting a project that will extend over several months. You can find out more about this major project in this blog.

Mangroves are the all-rounders among plants

Along the Pacific coastal zone of Guatemala, mangrove forests are an important part of the entire regional ecosystem. They grow in salty lagoons that combine fresh and salt water, making these forests the most productive, diverse and complex. However, they also play a crucial role in the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of coastal inhabitants. They earn their living from fishing, tourism and agriculture. However, illegal deforestation in the water catchment areas, pollution from waste and unnatural detour dams have severely damaged the mangrove ecosystem in recent years.

Picture: Destroyed forest area on the southwest coast of Guatemala

Restoration of over 1000 hectares of mangrove forests

Precisely because these coastal communities are highly dependent on the health of the mangrove ecosystem, the project will focus on large-scale restoration of this area over the next four years. 1,330,000 species of mangroves and deciduous trees will be planted and their growth monitored. In this way, 1,025 hectares of the mangrove ecosystem in Guatemala can be restored. However, the project is not only dedicated to the reforestation of the mangrove forests, the communities are also being trained in four reforestation and restoration strategies to ensure the sustainable protection of these forests.

Image: Large area as the basis for a multi-year reforestation project

Training the local population as part of the success concept

The training of the local population focuses on the direct planting of mangroves and deciduous trees, but also on the injection of mangrove seedlings with growth-promoting bacteria. In addition, tree nurseries are being jointly developed for the cultivation of new trees so that the seedlings can be planted independently in degraded areas.

Picture: Involvement of the local population in the tree planting project

Together for a greener world

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond planting trees. We believe in the power of community and that together we can make the world a better place. Would you like to get involved too? For every NIKIN product you buy, we plant a tree. Together we make the world greener - #treebytree!

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